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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Unplugged by Donna Freitas

About Donna Freitas

Donna Freitas is an author of fiction, nonfiction, and articles that appear in newspapers, magazines, and on blogs. Born in Rhode Island, Donna now splits her time between New York City and Barcelona.


Book review

Review by Suze
Skye is living in the App World. It's a perfect creation where rich people can alter their appearance and download apps for games, food, clothes and all kinds of other luxuries. Their plugged in bodies are still in the Real World. Sky isn't living with her real family, she's a Single, someone poor who has been sent to the App World because their family members are willing to do a special job in exchange. Her mother and sister are in the Real World and she misses them terribly. Skye is almost seventeen, which means she will soon be old enough to unplug. That means she can finally spend time in the Real World. Only then the borders between the worlds are being closed...
 Skye will be cut off from her family forever. That is a thought she can't live with and when someone offers to let her unplug illegally she says yes. This person wants something in return. There's a lot that Skye doesn't know though and she has no idea who she can trust. It doesn't matter if someone is a friend or a stranger, Skye has to rely on people who aren't telling her the truth. Will her mission go as planned?
Unplugged is a gripping story. Skye doesn't really feel like she belongs in the App World. She doesn't care about enhancing her beauty, getting apps for extravagant clothes, meeting celebrities virtually and gourmet food apps. I immediately liked her. She's kindhearted, smart and strong. She loves her mother and her sister very much, but she also loves her almost-sister in the App World. She has to leave a loved one behind no matter what she does. Donna Freitas writes about her dilemmas and her sadness in a sympathetic and interesting way. It never gets too heavy though, because there's a lot of action and there's so much going on in the story.
Unplugged is the first book of a series and I already can't wait to read the next book. Skye is a fabulous main character. I like the world building and the idea behind it. The thorough and detailed descriptions make both worlds come to life really well. In the virtual world life is more peaceful, but Skye gets her kicks through apps for extreme sports and exploring. When she enters the Real World this changes, there she has to fight for her existence. Unplugged has a lot of adrenaline packed scenes, set in both realities. Skye has some great survival skills and it was fun to read about how she got them. Skye might be a tomboy, but she also has a sensitive side. There's a small love aspect and I'm curious to see how that will develop. I will definitely keep following this series. It's well written and has a lot of potential. 

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