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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Postcard by Fern Britton

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Review by Suze
Penny loves the peace and quiet of her new Cornish hometown. She's living in the vicarage of Pendruggan together with her husband Simon and daughter Jenna. Life isn't as blissful as it should be though. Penny is exhausted, she has problems at work and her past is catching up with her. Penny's father passed away when she was a young girl and Penny never had a good relationship with her mother and sister. When she has an unexpected visitor suddenly Penny's whole world is being turned upside down.
Alex and Kit have moved to Pendruggan to start over. Adam is the new local GP and he's also setting up a practice in the garden where he offers his patients alternative healing methods. Ella is searching for information from her past and returns to Cornwall because she has happy memories of the time she spent there with her grandmother. When she meets Adam and Kit she immediately likes them. Adam has a job for her and she's a welcome guest at Penny's house, which is next door. Will Ella get her answers and is there a chance she can stay in Pendruggan?
The Postcard is a warm and welcoming book. I loved finding out more about Penny and her family, Jenna is such a sweetheart. Simon is busy, but he tries to do anything he can to make his wife a bit happier. He doesn't always succeed, but he's doing his best and I enjoyed reading about his efforts. They are perfect together and it was fun to read about their daily life. There's always something going on at the vicarage. Penny and Simon can use a little help, which is readily available. The closeness of the friendships between the main characters is heartwarming.
Ella is kindhearted and caring. She immediately belongs in Pendruggan. The same goes for Kit and Adam, who are both wonderful. The three of them are great additions to this fantastic fictional village and they constantly put a smile on my face. I couldn't wait to find out more about them. I love it when there's so much kindness in a book. Fern Britton is very good at describing the personalities of her characters and I like that she makes it possible for her readers to get to know them through and through.
Penny's past is difficult and reading about her childhood brought tears to my eyes. She adored her father and they had a special connection. Now that she is a parent herself she's being consumed by insecurity. When an unwanted guest appears on her doorstep Penny doesn't get much support. I felt frustrated when people didn't listen to her and wanted to scream sometimes, I love it when I feel so many strong emotions when I'm reading a story.

Fern Britton's vivid and colorful descriptions kept fascinating me until the last sentence. The ending of The Postcard is surprising and gripping. Life in Pendruggan is busy and appealing and Fern Britton's inviting and good-natured writing style makes the village come to life extremely well. I love Pendruggan, it's a stunning setting with charming inhabitants. Fern Britton's books are amazing. Her stories are creative and unique and reading them always puts a big smile on my face.


  1. This sounds like another interesting book. I like the idea of an alternative surgery in the garden. There are lots of teasers in this review that is making me put it on my wish list.

  2. background sounds sad

  3. The premise is good but not my kind of read.

  4. Having family issues that stem from childhood is hard to overcome. It sounds like this would be a heavy read.

  5. This book has such a pretty cover.