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Friday, June 10, 2016

The One with the Engagement Party (Bridesmaids, Book 1) by Erin Lawless

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Review by Suze
Nora and Harry are engaged. Nora is going to marry her best friend and she wants to make sure her big day will be special. She has chosen four bridesmaids, good friends who are going to be there to make her day memorable. They each have their own feelings and struggles and the question is if their friends will be as happy as Nora and Harry? While organizing the engagement party a lot is going on in all of their lives...
The One With the Engagement Party is a fun novella about a group of friends and their love lives. Nora and Harry are very much in love. They'd been friends for a long time when they finally realized there was more and now they are ready to take the next step. It was fun to take a peek in the lives of the bride-to-be and the friends she has chosen to be her bridesmaids. They solve problems, think about their own love lives and are trying to get used to the new situation. I had the idea that I got random peeks into their world and liked that very much. Erin Lawless gives her readers glimpses of their personalities, their relations to one another and their secrets. I immediately loved reading about this great group of people and am curious to find out more.
The One With the Engagement Party is an unusual and creative story. I think the idea of following several main characters is great and I enjoyed reading about their emotions, perceptions and thoughts about one another. I didn't want this novella to end and I already look forward to reading more. Engagement parties, dress shopping and wedding planning are things I love to read about, so this series is exactly my cup of tea.


  1. I love the sound of this book as it sounds different. Great cover as well.

  2. You posts are always dangerous for me. I always end up buying the book! Ha Ha.

  3. Wedding stories are so entertaining! I would love this!

  4. I like that this story follows each of the characters.