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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Angels of Lovely Lane by Nadine Dorries

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Review by Suze
It's 1953 and Emily works at the St Angus Hospital in Liverpool where she is responsible for the training of the nurses. A new group will start and Emily has been able to make some much needed changes in the selection process. The girls are all living together in Lovely Lane and soon friendships are being formed. Dana is from Ireland. She's trying to escape a forced marriage to a bully. Going to Liverpool is her only way out. Will she be able to make it? Victoria is from an impoverished aristocratic family. She wants to follow in her mother's footsteps. Her father and aunt don't like that she wants to become a nurse though. Will she be able to stay? Pammy is from the wrong street in Liverpool. She's smart and competent, but will she be able to prove that?
While working really hard the lives of the new nurses are changing rapidly. They grow up, they learn to stand their ground and they find out what they're capable of. They have to deal with patients and they have to get used to death and scary wounds. There are always problems at the hospital, some of the girls have secret love lives and they are living on their own for the first time. The nurses have to prove themselves and that sometimes that isn't easy at all.
The Angels of Lovely Lane is a fantastic book. I loved reading about the close group of nurses, the kindhearted Emily and the staff members of the hospital. Most of the main characters are wonderful and I enjoyed reading about their lives from the start. Unfortunately there are people who are causing trouble for them and because of this there is plenty of drama. The story is gripping and moving at the same time. I couldn't stop reading and didn't want this amazing book to end.
Nadine Dorries has a wonderful writing style. It's warm and cozy and it made me fall in love with her story straight away. I liked the vivid descriptions of the hospital and everything that happens in and around it. I could easily picture every situation and loved the thorough and complete way of storytelling. Nadine Dorries obviously knows what she's writing about. I like it very much when a story is believable and when the topic has been researched well. 
The Angels of Lovely Lane is a unique story about a lovely group of people. I really enjoyed reading about the busy hospital and the love stories are all sweet and romantic. I devoured this special and brilliant story. Nadine Dorries's writing is sparkling and vibrant and her books are a joy to read.
About Nadine Dorries
Nadine Dorries is the bestselling author of The Four Streets trilogy. She grew up in Liverpool and trained as a nurse, before pursuing a successful career in business. She has been the MP for Mid-Bedfordshire since 2005 and has three daughters. Nadine is available for interview.
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  1. This is another book I think I would enjoy. I must look this author up.

  2. Nurses are just such a special group of people. I am sure this is an amazing book!

  3. I like that these ladies all come from different backgrounds & learn to live & work together.