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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer at Skylark Farm by Heidi Swain

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Review by Tanya

Amber is known for her ability to organize without any mishaps. She works hard and is always available at the end of the phone. Often her evenings are interrupted by phone calls from work. She hasn’t taken any time off work and people expect her to be there.

However she began to feel like her life had no work/life balance. Her boyfriend’s eagerness to move to his auntie’s farm and start to run it inspired her to change things around. The difference between the city and the life on the farm for her is massive. She has no experience with animals and is not used to the quiet of the country, but it soon grows on her and she falls in love with it. However country life is not all smooth running. Jake is hiding something and an ex girlfriend stirs up some trouble along with a blast from her city life.

If you want a great summer country read, grab this book. Heidi has done it again with her second novel. She has made life on the farm exciting with a great variation of characters and some fantastic descriptions that made me fall in love with it all. I really liked how Skylark Farm is and it's in the same village as The Cherry Tree Café, so you meet Lizzie and Jemma again on a regular basis.

Amber is a strong character who works hard and enthusiastically at her role on the farm and spreads her abilities to help various people. Initially she is scared of dogs and other animals because of her inexperience, she never even owned a pet. However, she soon gets involved with their care and is no longer scared of them. She becomes very attached to quite a few of the animals. She has big ideas to help the farm and works extremely hard to make things happen.

Annie owns the farm, but is struggling to keep up with the work as she gets older. She is a lady who has a strong understanding of the things that are happening around her and is open and honest to people. If she likes someone she will do anything she can to help and protect them. The other main characters, Harriet and Jessica, also add to the story and soon become great friends to Amber.

The twists and turns in the story are sometimes visible to you as the reader which is great as you find yourself encouraging the characters to see what is happening. You get completely lost in the story and the characters. I really want to visit the town and the farm with the added bonus of a glass of cider. I would love it if Heidi Swain could please hurry up with the third book as I am a big fan. I am not going to start it as 12 o’clock again though, as soon as it arrived on my kindle, because I needed matchsticks the other day. This book will give any reader a definite case of the one more chapter syndrome.


  1. Unfortunately not my kind of read..

  2. I sometimes think that I would like to have a small farm so my kids could experience homesteading.
    This might be a story I'd enjoy.

  3. I love stories set in small villages. They always have such interesting characters.