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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Silk by L.M. Pruitt

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Review by Anniek

They call it the murder tree, the Litz tree in a small town called Silk. The Litz family murdered several children. Once upon a time the town's inhabitants took their revenge at the Litz family by hanging them all. Ever since those days children like to go camping and tell the story of how the tree became the murder tree all those years ago.

In 1995, twenty kids went camping in the woods. Only three of them made it out alive. The crime scene was horrific and some of the personal items they had with them were never found. Isaiah made it out of the woods immediately, Elias and Shepherd were lost in the woods for three days before they were found. The police named it the Mulberry Massacre.

The kids who escaped are dealing with the traumatizing event in different ways. Eli is chief of the police department in Silk and has a serious drinking problem. He has the most terrifying nightmares and is convinced the monsters are still in the woods. Shep owns her own bar and fell into a heroin addiction which nearly took her life. After being treated in several mental institutions Shep is finally getting her feet back on the ground. Isaiah is the history teacher in Silk and seems to be the most stable one of the three. He is also the mayor of the town and will be a father soon.

After a decade, personal items of the murdered children are turning up at the murder tree and Eli is convinced that the monsters are back. It's all starting again. People are being murdered and Eli is doing everything in his power to keep the town safe. He and his friends Shep and Isaiah are the key to what's taking place and they are the only ones who can stop it.

Eli and Shep have been married, but got a divorce a few years ago. Every time they are together it's clear that the connection they have is still there. Because of what happened to them they know each other incredibly well. They also need one another to stay sane. Both of them are much smarter than I thought when I was reading the beginning of the story. I liked it a lot that the reader has the chance to ease into the characters. Isaiah is a bit strange. He seems unaffected by what happened so many years ago and I found him a bit cruel at times. To me it felt like he was the odd one out.

Almost everyone has been on a camping trip in their life at least once and we all know about those scary stories teenagers like to tell each other while being in the woods. When I was younger I always went camping with my grandparents and I had lots of creepy nights with my friends. The campsite we went to each year closed down and we stopped camping after that. I haven't been on a camping trip since and after reading Silk I definitely don't feel the need to start going again anytime soon.

L.M. Pruitt knows exactly when to provide new information. She describes things thoroughly, mentioning every horrifying detail, which gives the story that extra terror factor. Silk is a book that will freak out even the most dauntless people. I enjoyed the good quality writing and there's a lot of suspense. The ending really surprised me and I love it when an author is able to do that. If you are looking for a good horror story, you should try Silk. Just one warning, I wouldn't start reading during a camping trip, because you will never think of the woods the same way after reading this book.


  1. Thanks for the review Anniek - this is definitely my kind of read!

  2. I want this one!! :O

  3. sounds creepy but I'd give it a try!

  4. This book seems scary, just the sort of book I like!

  5. Wow this sounds scarily intense and horrifying! Not at all what I was expecting but it does have my attention! I'd love to read this one.

  6. So scary and so intriguing, Silk sounds like a thriller I'd immensely enjoy!

  7. Sometimes a scary book is exactly what I want to read. I'm pinning this -- it sounds deliciously creepy!

  8. This book sounds really scary but so interesting! I love when the ending is unexpected. Oh and I love that cover!
    Great review!

  9. Gosh, I almost missed this! Sound so good!! It's on my Wish list now. Awesome review :)

  10. Ooh this sounds really creepy & interesting.