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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Love to Hate You by Anna Premoli

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Review by Suze
Jennifer can't stand her colleague Ian. They work for the same bank and aren't even allowed to do projects together any longer because of the extreme fights they have. Jennifer is an independent woman. She is a successful tax lawyer and her professional life is exactly as she wants it to be. Her personal life is a different matter though. Ian has blue blood and Jennifer's family despises this. Ian can have every woman he wants to have, but there's only one who keeps refusing him. When he finally convinces Jennifer to go out with him it's just for show, she pretends to be his girlfriend and will get something vital in return. Ian can be convincing though and it's almost as if it's real, almost...
Jennifer and Ian fight like cats and dogs and their dialogue is extremely funny. I kept laughing about the remarks Jennifer makes, she's so strong and fiery. She always knows exactly what to say and she can stand her ground. Ian is rich and he dates beautiful women. Therefore Jennifer finds him annoying, but he keeps working his way through her defenses. This often made me chuckle. I love Anna Premoli's sense of humor.
I like books with strong female main characters and Jennifer definitely falls into that category. She is something else, a force to be reckoned with. She's terrifically well spoken and intelligent. She doesn't know how to dress though and she also doesn't know how to let go, she wants to be the one who's in control. Her alternative upbringing doesn't help, her parents despise nobility. I sometimes felt sorry for Ian, but fortunately he's confident and courageous and he's a good match for Jennifer. I loved their quarrels and couldn't wait to find out how their story would end.
Anna Premoli's writing style has a good flow. I liked the words she uses, they're always exactly right for the situations she describes. That makes her story come to life really well. Love to Hate You is entertaining and different. I love the originality of her conversations, she makes bold choices that work. In a story like this using the right vocabulary is everything and fortunately Anna Premoli knows how to do this. Her writing is eloquent and she has a great sense of timing, because of this the story is absolutely hilarious.


  1. This sounds like a funny romance. It's always cute when characters who are unlikely to fall for each other, do!

  2. I couldn't imagine working someplace where your coworkers have such extreme fights. Luckily it's an enemies to lovers case here.