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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Her Australian Hero by Margaret Way - Book Review & Giveaway

About Margaret Way
USA Today bestselling author Margaret Way has written more than 130 books, many of them International Bestsellers. She has been published in 114 countries and 34 languages. Her novels are set in her beloved Australia, where she was born and lives to this day. Her stories always contain the beauty and rugged nature of the rural and Outback Australia, as well as the rainforests and coral reefs of Northern Queensland.

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Review by Anniek

Alexandra, Alex for short, is helping her father to get Lavender Hill back on track. Alex knows that the big mango and lychee plantation will once be hers. Her mother married her father against the wishes of her grandparents. Her grandparents made sure that her father wouldn't have any hold on Lavender Hill after their deaths. Alex's mother followed their wishes in her will. Her father is allowed live at Lavender Hill until he dies and Alex will then inherit the plantation.

Alex and her brother looked up to Rafe when they were children and they followed him around everywhere. Rafe lives on, and now also owns, the plantation next door. He is a very successful businessman. When they were teens Alex's brother died in a tragic accident. Rafe tried to save him, but didn't succeed. Since that day Alex has never felt like she is good enough. Her father loved her brother with all his heart and ever since losing him he doesn't have any love left for his daughter.

Alex and Rafe are both heartbroken and they still have nightmares about the accident. Alex's father has remarried and his new wife is a gold digger. She and Alex don't get along and her stepmother is willing to do anything to get under Alex's skin. When her father dies during a reckless ride on a quad bike Alex is the only one left. It turns out she could use all the help she can get. Her stepmother isn't very patient and moves in immediately to let Alex know that she is going for everything she can get. Alex needs Rafe now more than ever. Is she able to let Rafe in again?

Alex and Rafe are both very strong and loyal people. They are very attracted to one another but Alex is afraid to let him get close. She feels the need to do everything by herself at first. I found her an even stronger person when she finally allows other people near her. I loved the way she and Rafe care for each other. Rafe is gorgeous, successful, kind and loving. He puts others before himself and I instantly liked him. I could easily imagine how Alex and her brother used to think of him as their hero.

I always get intrigued when I read about how far people are willing to go when there is money involved. Love will get you much further. How people can be lead by such awful greed is completely lost on me. I liked the way this aspect of the story is being told and of course I wanted to know the outcome as soon as possible.

Margaret Way describes the surroundings and the plantation so well. I was almost feeling the bright, burning sun and I wanted to try out those delicious mangos. Her Australian Hero is a great story. It has a mystery involved, but in the end what it all comes down to is love. This story is supposed to be the first in a new series by Margaret Way and I will definitely keep an eye out for the second book, because I can't wait to read more.


One winner will receive digital copies of all four books that are included in this tour, Her Australian Hero by Margaret Way, Ready to Fall by Olivia Dade, Heartland by Sara Walter Ellwood and Her Unexpected Affair by Shea McMaster.

You can follow to tour here: To have a better chance at winning you'll be encouraged to leave a comment. The more comments you leave, the better your chances are at winning. Good Luck!


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