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Monday, June 6, 2016

Hair in All The Wrong Places by Andrew Buckley - Book Review & Giveaway


About Andrew Buckley

Andrew Buckley attended the Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film and Television program. After pitching and developing several screenplay projects for film and television, he worked in marketing and public relations, before becoming a professional copy and content writer. During this time Andrew began writing his first adult novel, DEATH, THE DEVIL AND THE GOLDFISH, followed closely by his second novel, STILTSKIN. He works as an editor for Curiosity Quills Press.

Andrew also co-hosts a geek movie podcast, is working on his next novel, and has a stunning amount of other ideas. He now lives happily in the Okanagan Valley, BC with three kids, one cat, one needy dog, one beautiful wife, and a multitude of characters that live comfortably inside of his mind.

Andrew is represented by Mark Gottlieb at the Trident Media Group.

Book review
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Review by Suze
Colin doesn't have a happy childhood. He's being bullied at school, his parents have abandoned him and he's being raised by an unkind grandmother. He lives in Elkwood, a strange village where he doesn't feel accepted. He has one friend at school, but he's often too busy to spend time with Colin. From afar he's got a crush on Becca, only he isn't popular boyfriend material, so he doesn't think he has a chance with her. Things drastically change for Colin when one night he sneaks out and drives around town by himself.
Colin's body is developing rapidly. He's less skinny, he can see and smell better, he's got an appetite and he has a lot more hair. What happened to him on the night he took his grandfather's car and why can't he remember? What's the connection between what happened to Colin and the classmate who's been eaten on that very same night? Colin has to figure it out before it's too late and more people will get hurt.
Hair in All The Wrong Places is a funny story about a boy who doesn't enjoy going to school and living with his grandmother. Colin's life is sad and lonely. He isn't afraid to speak up though and has a wonderful sense of humor. His reactions often made me laugh. When his body changes Colin's life becomes completely different, but fortunately he still has the same good-natured personality, which makes him a fantastic main character. The same goes for Becca, who's strong and inventive. She knows something Colin doesn't know, but he's bound to find out. A lot of secrets are being revealed and Colin finally understands many of the things that initially left him puzzled. Andrew Buckley has a great sense of timing and makes every revelation at the exact right moment.
Hair in All The Wrong Places is fast-paced and fabulous. I loved Andrew Buckley's ironic writing style. His writing is also vivid, to the point and laid-back, which makes it easy to picture everything he describes. I loved Colin, the people around him and the mysterious Elkwood. This book is both magical and entertaining, which is a good combination. I thoroughly enjoyed this cheerful story filled with creepy monsters.
Five international winners will receive a digital copy of Hair in All The Wrong Places and one US only winner will get a scrabble tile book cover charm. Good luck!


  1. Question to the author: Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day to you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or at a keyboard (typewriter or computer)?

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