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Friday, June 24, 2016

Future Shock by Elizabeth Briggs

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Review by Suze
Elena has an eidetic memory and she tries to hide this as well as she can, so it won't bring her any trouble. Someone found out about it though as she's being approached by a company called the Aether Corporation to be part of a special project. In return she'll receive quite a sum of money which will enable her to go to college. The project is interesting, together with four others she will be sent to the future where she has to gather information. In exchange she will be generously rewarded.
A group of five highly skilled teens has been recruited and even though they all have trust issues Elena likes the people she's working with. When they arrive they instantly know something went wrong. They'd received instructions up front, but it's obvious that they're on their own. There's no team of people present to welcome them, instead they start their journey in an empty building. They discover nothing in the mission is going according to plan. They are not supposed to meet their future selves or to look into their own life stories, but in order to survive and go home they have to take a look at their pasts. Will Elena and her friends be able to save themselves?
Future Shock is a gripping story about time traveling. I loved the fact that Elena is being sent to a date that isn't too far away. It makes everything that's changed and the things that are taking place believable. The time she ends up in isn't that different from the present, while at the same time there's still a lot of progress. There are several exciting new developments. Elizabeth Briggs describes them in a fun and vivid way, which made her story come to life extremely well. I'm curious to see if any of her ideas will be real some day.
Elena doesn't care much about gadgets and acquiring stuff, but she does care about justice. She's down to earth and brave and she fights for her ideals. I loved her character because she's tough, but also has a sensitive side. Elena isn't afraid to stand up for herself and for others. That made her interesting to read about. I liked how she's being thoroughly described, there are colorful descriptions of what she's like on the inside and the outside. Her beautiful tattoos and her phenomenal memory are nice details and they add to her fierceness. It's the complete picture that makes her so fabulous.
Elizabeth Briggs has written a story about a fascinating subject. I loved her creative ideas about the future. She makes it come to life really well. Her writing style has a great flow. Because Elena has exactly 24 hours in the future time is an essential factor, therefore all chapters start with the time, I liked that. There are plenty of secrets to be revealed during the short stay in the future and I couldn't wait to find out what they were. I enjoyed the riveting ending very much and think Future Shock is a fantastic adrenaline-packed story.


  1. love a good time travel so this is now on my wishlist.

  2. What an amazing cover! Can't wait to read this book!

  3. Sounds interesting . Thank you for the review .

  4. Not my kind of read but seems interesting..

  5. Not my kind of read but seems interesting..

  6. I don't read a lot of time travel books, honestly because I don't understand them very well! The whole concept is so confusing.

  7. Eidetic memory always intrigues me!


  8. I love time travel stories. This one sounds thrilling.