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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

From Fake to Forever by Jennifer Shirk

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Review by Suze
Sandra owns a preschool together with her sister. They're still trying to make a name for themselves and the school is in dire need of funds. When her sister comes up with a creative idea to bring in some money Sandra isn't happy, but agrees to go along with the plan, because they can use the extra income. Ben, a famous actor, will help out as an extra teacher at the school as part of his research for a movie. He doesn't know much about kids and has a lot to learn. He's actually behaving like a big kid himself most of the time, he wants to have fun and isn't used to taking things seriously.
Ben and Sandra initially don't get along. Sandra doesn't think much of him. She has her reasons for it, but Ben does everything he can to change her mind. He likes her and wants Sandra to like him back. He's quite a playboy and Sandra isn't interested in being one of his conquests. Will Ben have a chance with her and what will happen when his time at the school is up and things are supposed to go back to normal?
From Fake to Forever is such a sweet story. Ben is both endearing and charming. Sandra might seem cold at first, but she's in fact friendly and caring. Her daughter Hannah is adorable and I loved the way she talks. Ben and Sandra immediately have a connection, but it isn't an easy one. They have fiery discussions which are making the story lively and interesting. Ben has something to prove and he's willing to work for it. Ben and Sandra both have many strong feelings and opinions and I loved their story, it was great to see them bicker and to watch them grow because of it.
Jennifer Shirk's descriptions are vivid and I especially liked the way she writes about the school. She makes Sandra's dream come to life in a colorful way. I also loved Sandra's relationship with her sister, they're family and best friends. The main characters all have heartwarming bonds with each other, which is something I enjoyed reading about very much. From Fake to Forever is romantic and it has a lovely ending. I really liked this book and think it's a fun, cute and cheerful read.


  1. Thank you so much! Appreciate the kind review!

  2. This is an unusual story line! Working in a daycare would be a super tough job.

  3. I'm curious how the little girl Hannah talks.