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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chances Are by Wendy Lou Jones

About Wendy Lou Jones

I spent a happy childhood in West Sussex, where I avoided reading at all costs, so much so that my English teacher fell off her perch when I told her I got an A in my English lit. O-level (showing my age there!) “How did YOU get an A?” she was heard to exclaim. 

    I studied the sciences at A-level and managed to get through the university years without so much as a peek at a library (not entirely true, but pretty much.) 

    I worked as a doctor in my twenties and then dropped out to have kids. Having read about only one book a year through my teens, I was, by then, up to the dizzy heights of perhaps three? How on Earth did I end up here? Did I take a wrong turning somewhere in life? You might well think so. But what really happened was, one night, in my late 30s, I had a dream. As simple as that. A dream that inspired me. And I’ve been reading and writing ever since.

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 Review by Anniek 
Luke has everything he wants right now. He's a dentist, he's financially secure and with his good looks he can pretty much get every woman he wants. Luke doesn't do serious relationships. Sometimes he stays with one woman a little bit longer, but he has never felt the urge to settle down. While he's driving with his girlfriend of the moment, he is more interested in the woman on the passenger seat than he is in what happens in front of him. Because of that he almost causes an accident.
Rebecca is standing in the middle of the road. She just found out that the house she should have been living in with her husband is sold to a new family. Rebecca's heart is filled with sadness and pain. She doesn't see the car coming at her and luckily it misses her. Rebecca recognizes Luke and doesn't have fond memories of him. Four years ago Rebecca and her fiancé got into a car accident. He didn't survive and Rebecca has been grieving ever since.
Rebecca lives in a barn on her parents' land. Her father turned the barn into a home and she has everything she needs. Rebecca's house is filled with memories of the man she lost. She gave up her dream for him and now she works nights at the local supermarket. Rebecca's also pulled back from having any social life whatsoever.
Ever since the day Luke almost ran her over he can't stop thinking about the girl on the road. She said his name, but he doesn't remember her. When his brother asks him to drop off some invitation cards for his wedding Luke gladly helps him out. When he is about to deliver a card to Rebecca, Luke's heart almost stops beating when he discovers she is the girl he has been thinking about. 
To get Rebecca to like him Luke has to really go all out. He needs her to see that he is not the same guy he was when they went to school together. Will Luke be able to open Rebecca's eyes and make her see the new him? Is it possible for Rebecca to get over what happened and to open up her heart again for love?
Chances Are took my breath away. Rebecca is so heartbroken and I truly felt for her. She is still young, but feels like her life ended the horrific day of the accident. Even though she pulled back from having a social life she still is a loyal daughter and a good employee. Rebecca is a person I would absolutely like in real life. Luke is used to getting what he wants without much trouble or effort. The fact that he has to reinvent himself to get Rebecca to let him in felt right for the story. He is a kind and caring man who is willing to do anything now that he has finally found the love of his life.
Wendy Lou Jones has written another amazing story. She writes about Rebecca's situation with so much dignity that she made me clearly feel the emotions she is writing about. While I was reading Chances Are there were tears streaming down my face a couple of times, but I also laughed and felt the joy of newborn love. Wendy Lou Jones is a fantastic writer. She knows how to pull you in with her beautiful stories. Chances Are is the third book of the Echoes of Nutt Hill series and I hope she will keep adding to this series for a very long time.

Review by Suze

Luke has enough money to spend, he's popular with women and he lives in a big house. He's used to getting attention and doesn't think about the feelings of others very often. That changes when he meets Rebecca. Rebecca's unique appearance enchants him and he wants to know more about her. Even before he has a chance to really get to know her he knows he's falling for her. Caring so much about a woman is something he's never experienced before. 
Rebecca has lost her fiancé four years ago and ever since she's lived a withdrawn life. She's a fighter for safer roads and she stacks shelves at the local supermarket. She's left her biggest passion behind and now her main focus is just getting through the days. When she meets Luke she isn't ready to spend any time with another man, because it feels like she's betraying the man she was supposed to get married to. Luke doesn't give up without a fight though. Will Rebecca like him back eventually or is she too damaged to ever love again?
Chances Are is a beautiful multilayered love story. Wendy Lou Jones's novels are always deep and meaningful. She writes about realistic topics in an honest and emotional way. I love that about her books. They make me cry when the main characters are hurting and they fill my heart with joy when something good happens to them. Her books are fantastic emotional rollercoasters that always leave a lasting impression.
At first Luke is arrogant without any consideration for what other people may think or experience. This changes when he meets Rebecca. I enjoyed witnessing how true love improves his personality and makes him a wonderful and kindhearted person. It happens gradually, the more he does for Rebecca to win her heart, the more he becomes a sensitive and compassionate man. This amazing transformation moved me to tears.
Rebecca has been through a lot and she doesn't know how to start living again. Without Luke she might have never given it another try. She has a good heart and is a sweet woman, but she's also scared and on guard. She doesn't trust easily and it takes forever for Luke to find a way to get through to her. She's fragile and he has to be careful not to break her. The steps they make together are pure and they greatly affected me. Their journey isn't an easy one, but there's so much beauty in it.
I love the way Wendy Lou Jones writes about life and living. She has a unique vision and that makes her stories so strong. Her writing flows easily, so the reader can focus entirely on the story and all the sentiment that comes with it. I love the Echoes of Nutt Hill series. The setting is fantastic, the characters are interesting and there are many unexpected twists and turns. These books are really special and I highly recommend them.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely reviews, ladies. I'm so touched and so very pleased you liked it. :-) <3

  2. Thank you for the reviews . Sounds like a great book .

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  7. Rebecca seems like a sweet and loving character. Luke on the other hand, I think I would avoid him like the plague. It sounds like an interesting story. Thanks for the review.

  8. Well you two clearly enjoyed the book and while it's not one that I would choose, I do admire Wendy Lou's treatment of such difficult and emotive issues.

  9. Sounds great but it seems that is not my kind of book

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  12. Great one.. I think I wanna read it too. :)

  13. Such a pretty cover. I am surprised that she is a doctor turned author -- that's not very common to hear about.

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