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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Review - Because I Love You by Tori Rigby

 About Tori Rigby

Tori Rigby is a YA author of Contemporary and Historical Romances. She longs to live in the Scottish Highlands, and her favorite time and place in history is Medieval England—so much that she'd give up her Internet and running water to go back in time! Tori also writes dark YA fiction as Vicki Leigh.

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Book review

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Review by Anniek

Andie finds herself pregnant after her first time. She is shocked and can't believe that this has happened to her. Andie confides in her best friend and together they go to a clinic to get the pregnancy confirmed. It turns out she actually is pregnant. Andie is sixteen and a cheerleader at her high school. She also wants to get a good education and she has dreams of being a doctor in the future. Having a baby makes her think about all the possibilities she has and what her future will look like now.

Growing up in a religious family doesn't make life any easier for Andie. Andie's father died and since that time her mother has been raising her alone. Andie's mother is a loving and caring person, but Andie is scared to tell her about the baby. When Andie tells her best friend who the father of her baby is instead she turns her back on her. Even the father himself, a boy she grew up with, refuses to take responsibility. The whole school is giving her a hard time and Andie wants nothing more than to hide and never face anyone again.

Neil is Andie's ex-boyfriend. Out of all of the people who she thought would be there for her Neil never crossed her mind. Neil steps up and comforts her whenever Andie needs it. Old feelings resurface and the truth comes out about why Neil broke it off with Andie before. Just when Andie thinks things can't get any worse her life takes another bad turn. Andie will need all the support she can get to keep her feet on the ground and to make a decision about her baby.

Because I Love You is one of the most beautiful stories I have read this year. Andie got pregnant and could have taken the easy way out, but she doesn't. She takes responsibility and doesn't run away from tough decisions. Andie has a really rough time because of the bullying and nasty comments she gets at school. She doesn't deserve any of that, but she keeps her head held high and I admired that about her. Neil is extremely smart and talented. Even though he has been having a hard time at home he still manages to keep his grades up. I felt sorry for everything he has to deal with at this very young age. He captured my heart with his kindness and I admired his strength, because he also could easily have turned bitter and cold.

Tori Rigby has written an emotional story and I felt it deep within my heart. When the end of the story came I was crying. The fact that I am pregnant myself probably wasn't helping. Because I Love You deeply touched me and the story inspires me to be the best person and the best mom I can possibly be.

Review by Suze

Andie is sixteen years old when her best friend convinces her he loves her. After one drunken night with him she's pregnant. When Andie tells him about her pregnancy he makes it obvious he won't be there to support his child. Andie wants to keep the baby and she needs all the help she can get. At school she's being bullied because of her pregnancy. Fortunately she isn't completely alone. She has Neil to support her, the boy she went out with for a month two years before. He screwed up then, but maybe he's back to stay this time...

Andie finds a new friend, one she can rely on. Jill will never betray her trust and she needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to lean on every now and then. When things are progressing with Neil, Andie has some tough choices to make. Especially when she finds out he's keeping something important from her. Can Andie bring up a child while she's still so young herself or is there a different choice she has to make? And what will she do when life gives her another blow?

Because I Love You is an emotional story about a pregnant girl who doesn't have the easiest life. Andie isn't on her own though, there are people who will have her back no matter what. I loved that part of the story. Life can be so unfair sometimes and Andie needs to be strong and resilient to deal with everything that's happening to her. She's such a lovely girl, who's overwhelmed by it all, which is totally understandable. Tori Rigby writes about her feelings in a heartfelt way. I liked how mature her characters are while it's still obvious they are teenagers at the same time.

Because I Love You is a fast-paced page-turner. I read this book in one sitting. Tori Rigby describes everything that's going on in Andie's life in a sensitive and moving way. The main characters of the story are wonderful and sweet. It's easy to care about them. What I enjoyed most about this book is the message that true love can conquer all and that it doesn't matter how old someone is when it comes to being there unconditionally for someone else. I'm a big supporter of stories about this topic and really like that Tori Rigby writes about it in such a confident way. The ending is heartbreaking and beautiful. Because I Love You is sad and hopeful at the same time with many emotions in between, it's a story that will bring on a lot of different feelings.


  1. This is two fantastic reviews. I really like the sound of this

  2. This is two fantastic reviews. I really like the sound of this

  3. wow I love the review and the story is hard for a teenager to be pregnant. I really love the review and really want to read this emotional book!!

  4. Thank you for the reviews . This sounds like a great read .

  5. This one sounds really interesting snd I think I'd love it just as much as the two of you have! I'm a sucker for a great emotional read and this one definitely has the potential to pack the punch so I'm looking forward to checking it out!

  6. I just adore the cover of this book! This is a book that I have seen the cover for before, but I didn't really know what it was about. So thank you for the review!

  7. Wow! This sounds so good and realistic because this often happens to young girls when they get pregnate at such a young age :(

  8. Liked the cover, also the story plot is quite interesting!

  9. Thanks for sharing :) I love both your reviews. I am quite intrigued by this book and by the story of Andie and Neil, especially Neil, I would like to know what's going on in his life.
    I love books that follow these topics and I hope that the author dealt perfectly with the subject of teenage pregnancy and bullying.

  10. Great review, ladies! To find yourself pregnant at 16 would be hard enough but have your friends, entire school, father of the baby and your own family turn their back on you over it would be truly heartbreaking! It does sound like an uplifting story though with her never giving up and taking responsibility. I also love the idea of the potential romance? :)

  11. Oh this book sounds really good and interesting. I love stories with a lot of feelings and the characters sound really special. I want to know more about Andie and Neil. Though I'm a little scared about the ending. Oh and I love that cover! Can't wait to read this! Love both reviews!

  12. What a difficult situation. It sounds like Because I Love You reflects what some people go through in real life.

  13. This sounds really touching!


  14. Andie & all the other characters sound so strong & kind.