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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Season for Fireflies by Rebecca Maizel

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Review by Suze
Penny's first love has always been the theater. She loves being the center of attention and has the most fun when she has a big part in a play. She has a loyal group of friends who are just like her. Her best friend, Wes, is especially important to her and there might be more between them. While her life at school is going well for Penny things at home are rapidly going downhill. Because of this she takes a rash decision which changes the course of her life entirely.
Penny does no longer spend time with her theater friends and now has a new best friend, Kylie. Kylie seems to get her and Penny doesn't have to talk about the difficult things in her life to be understood. She misses the stage, but she has found other ways to spend her free time. When a terrible accident nearly kills Penny she loses part of her memory, the past year. She can't remember her new friends and doesn't know how she lost her old ones. Will Penny be able to find out the truth about herself and will she be able to share her memories with the people who care about her when she does?
A Season for Fireflies is a beautiful, moving story. Penny doesn't want anyone to know what's going on inside her. She's closed off and doesn't want to share the bad things, so she can pretend everything is great. Her friends know that something is going on, because part of Penny's story has been in the papers, but as she doesn't talk they don't know what it is exactly. I could feel her pain, her struggles and her heartbreak. Rebecca Maizel has described these feelings in the exact right way. Her writing is impressive and sensitive and she definitely knows what she's talking about. The tears were streaming down my face when I read about Penny's situation. I was completely overwhelmed by how well the author portrays her emotions, her descriptions are spot-on.
 Penny is an incredibly strong girl. She's actually much too tough on herself which leads to a lot of difficulties. Rebecca Maizel describes them in a realistic and heartfelt way. She plays with tension and that meant I kept being curious about what would happen next. A Season for Fireflies is a fast-paced story. It's filled with meaningful scenes. I think this book is absolutely amazing. You often have no idea what happens behind closed doors. This story is an impressive example of the problems difficulties at home can cause in someone's life. Penny needs to find a way to deal with hers and even though her journey is far from easy she will learn how to manage eventually. I loved the wisdom she gathers along the way. A Season for Fireflies is a fantastic mix of compassion, honesty, sadness and hope.


  1. I really like the review and looking forward to read this book, a new author for me!!

  2. What a moving story line! And a beautiful cover, too!

  3. Wow, sounds great. I think I could be reading it on my vacations.

  4. The plot is really moving! Must be an awesome read!

  5. The plot is really moving! Must be an awesome read!

  6. The cover is really enticing. It sounds like a good book to take on vacation.

  7. This sounds very touching!


  8. I'd like to read about Penny's journey.