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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Match Made in Heritage View by Annie Stiles - Book Review & Giveaway

About Annie Stiles

Annie Stiles was practically born with a book in her hand, but the writing came later. A daydreamer by nature, Annie always secretly wanted to be a romance novelist. It wasn’t until her youngest child started kindergarten that she buckled down and turned that dream into reality. She is fascinated by characters on the page and in real life, and talks with her hands so much that people have been known to duck.

When not on her laptop, she likes to putter in her garden. Annie lives in the beautiful Capital-Saratoga region of New York State with her college sweetheart husband and their two children. They are all owned by two cats.

Annie writes satisfying, character-driven contemporary romance.

Rose-colored glasses are standard issue.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | GoodReads
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Review by Suze
Even though her mother got married more times than she can count Genevieve still believes in the magic of marriage and true love and she is a successful wedding planner. She has one problem though, she managed to get engaged, but left her fiancés before the wedding. That means she's never had her own special day. After a busy period, bad gossip about her personal life and too much people pleasing Gen needs a break. She decides to rent a cottage in Heritage View where she can relax and be someone else.
Gen calls herself Jane and doesn't want anybody in Heritage View to know who she is. She wants to spend some time on her own and she needs a break from men. Of course that is when she meets Michael. Michael's grandfather owns the cottage Gen is staying at. He's also good friends with the Hunter family, who have immediately welcomed Gen into their midst. Gen and Michael keep running into each other and there's an instant connection. Michael doesn't think he's the marrying type though and he makes that abundantly clear when he starts dating someone. He does like Gen a lot, but will he do something with these feelings? And what will happen if he'd find out who she really is?
A Match Made in Heritage View is a lovely romantic story. Gen is smart and creative and she runs her own business. I liked her from the start and kept hoping she would find happiness. Even though she isn't completely honest about who she is I could understand she wanted to escape the constant life in the spotlights for a while. I loved the combination of the New York socialite side of her personality and the relaxed countryside woman who bakes cookies and loves working in the garden. Michael is a kind man, but he's also had a difficult past that damaged him. He's protective and loyal and he stands up for the people he loves. He and Gen have great chemistry and they are wonderfully sweet together.
Heritage View is a fantastic setting. Annie Stiles describes the place in such a vivid way that I wanted to pack my belongings and move there straight away. I love a good countryside romance and A Match Made in Heritage View definitely falls into that category. I enjoyed reading this story very much and think it has a fabulous heartwarming ending.
Two very lucky winners will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.


  1. It is a pleasure to have my book on your blog today! Thank you for featuring it. Suze, I appreciate your thoughtful review. So glad you liked A Match Made in Heritage View. Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!

  2. Lovely review. Thank you for hosting A MATCH MADE IN HERITAGE today!

    Crystal, Tasty Book Tours

  3. Hi!! thank you so much for this opportunity 😊😊

  4. Thank you for sharing your book review, definitely a book that I can look forward of reading. A romantic story that will bring back the feelings during the old days, something that I can share to my fellow readers from