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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin

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Review by Suze
Darcy needs a change and it's important she can feel at home again. She loves nothing more than the sea which is why she moves to White Cliff Bay, the place where her aunt used to live. Darcy spent many happy summers there and she has fond memories of the place. She is a marine biologist, but after a disaster at one of her jobs she tried all kinds of different things. Nothing worked out really well and she's hoping her new job at the council will be a fresh start. Fortunately she has some time first to meet the locals and to get reacquainted with the town.
Riley lives in the lighthouse on Rose Island. It's been in his family for generations, but now the council wants to evict him and they're planning to demolish the building. When Darcy swims to his island he's angry with her because it's dangerous. Darcy knows the ocean and can't stay away from it. She loves the island and soon Riley doesn't mind her visits so much any longer. Darcy is helping him with a plan to rescue the lighthouse. He doesn't want to have anything to do with the people in the town and has his reasons, but because of Darcy and his precious home he becomes involved anyway.
What are the plans of the council with the island and can they still be stopped? Even though they started with plenty of fights, will Darcy and Riley get along with one another eventually? And will they both stay in their new hometown?
Summer at Rose Island is such a fun summer read. Holly Martin has a great sense of humor and she keeps making me laugh. I loved the stumbling Darcy. She's kind, loyal, nerdy and clumsy. Riley isn't easy to approach, but she finds a way. He's gorgeous and troubled, which is a magnet for female attention. He has a lot of admirers, but he is a one woman kind of guy. I liked both of the main characters a lot, they are endearing even when they're headstrong and draw the wrong conclusions. They also have great chemistry and they are made for each other, which makes the story very romantic.
Summer at Rose Island is the perfect summer read. It's cheerful, the setting is beautiful and the inhabitants of White Cliff Bay are easy to love. The sea plays an important part in the story. I completely understood Darcy's obsession with mermaids and sharks, it suits her character and I could easily picture her dreamy nature. The lighthouse is an interesting place and it made my heart ache that there were people who wanted to get rid of it. There's so much beauty in White Cliff Bay and life is sweet and slow. It's the perfect village for a sunny summer read. I really enjoyed reading this amazing heartwarming story.


  1. I used to have a fascination with lighthouses. It's great that the book features one.

  2. I like the sound of this!


  3. This sounds really good. I used to want to be a marine biologist.