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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Somewhere Inside of Happy by Anna McPartlin

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Review by Suze
Maisie met an awful man who found a way to stay in her life for many years. Her two wonderful children are the only good thing she's got out of the relationship. Jeremey is sensitive, responsible and kind and Valerie is smart and outspoken. When her husband went too far Maisie finally left him and moved in with her mother. They had some really good years until Maisie's mother started to forget things. The dementia is now taking over her life and she needs constant care. Maisie works two jobs, she looks after her mother and she's there for her children. She can manage, because she loves them all dearly.
Maisie finally dares to go out with someone again. Not all men are like her ex-husband and maybe it's time to let someone good into her world. His name is Fred and he works for the police. Maisie thinks she's finally found some happiness, but it doesn't last. Jeremey goes missing and that isn't like him at all. Something must have happened to him. Where did he go and will they be able to find him again?
Somewhere Inside of Happy is a beautiful impressive story. Maisie is a strong woman who's survived domestic violence and who does everything she can to keep her children safe. Unfortunately she can't be with them all the time, they're teenagers and they also have their own lives. Only does she know exactly what they're going through or do they keep secrets from her? When Jeremey disappears she's beside herself with worry, but she remains in control and she's unbelievably courageous. I loved her character. Maisie is a great example. She's so brave, especially at the end of the story. The final chapters are incredibly moving and made me cry my eyes out. Maisie has so much love to give and she gives it unconditionally.
Anna McPartlin has written a fantastic emotional story with a strong and important message. Everyone should have a chance at happiness and people should be able to be themselves. There are multiple points of view, so the reader has the chance to get to know every character and to witness the same story from different angles. I loved that choice. It made me feel close to Maisie's family and friends. Anna McPartlin's vivid descriptions make it easy to picture them. They all have their struggles and life can be extremely unfair sometimes, but even though there's sadness in this story there's also so much beauty. It's a definite must-read. This book is special and I can't praise it enough.


  1. When you have children with someone, you're never really completely separated from them. So difficult!

  2. Sounds intense but lovely!


  3. I like that the story is told from different characters' points of view.