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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Peppercorn Street by Anna Jacobs

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Review by Suze
Three women of different generations are living in Peppercorn street. Winifred might be old, but she's sharp and can still take care of herself. She lives in a big house that's becoming a bit much to maintain. She'd never leave though as she loves her street and happily lives there. However, someone else also wants her house and this person will do anything to get it. Nicole has had enough. She leaves her husband and two sons because they treat her like a slave. When she stops feeling safe in her own home it is time to move, only trouble seems to keep finding her, also at her new address. Janey is a teenage mother and at the age of eighteen she's old enough to make her own decisions. She's made sure things are going well for both herself and her baby and for the first time in her life she's free. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with her choices and there are some people who want to ruin everything she's created for herself.
Winifred, Nicole and Janey love to live in Peppercorn street. They find happiness there and there are many friendly people. They're all having issues, but fortunately there's also help. Will they eventually be all right and will they be able to live in their beloved street in peace again?
Peppercorn Street is another wonderful book by Anna Jacobs. I'm an admirer of the way she writes. Her books aren't difficult to read, they have plenty of layers and the stories are all gripping, moving and romantic at the same time. There's always a battle between good and evil and it feels completely natural to sympathize with the good side. Janey is a sweetheart who loves her baby very much. She doesn't mind working hard for a better future and her baby always comes first. Nicole has to run away from home, because the situation there becomes unbearable. When she leaves she has more problems, but she also finds things at Peppercorn Street that she thought she'd lost forever; comfort, care and kindness. It's such a beautiful part of the story and it warmed my heart. Winifred reminded me of my grandmother. She's strong and resilient and she's an endearing clever lady. I enjoyed the delicious descriptions of her cakes and could almost taste them. Because of the amazing main characters this story is so easy to fall in love with.
Peppercorn Street is a lovely story. There's some violence, but love will always conquer hate in Anna Jacobs's stories. Peppercorn Street is a compelling story about three women in different age categories. They have many things in common though, for example their strength and courage. They fight for what they believe in and they have sympathetic personalities. I loved the strong bonds between the characters and the sense of community. Peppercorn Street is a fantastic heartwarming story. If you're a fan of Anna Jacobs you should definitely get this book and if you haven't read any of her work yet this is such a perfect novel to start with.


  1. As you know myself, my mum and my nan are big AnnaJacobs fans. We haven't read this one.

    1. You will all love this book, it's absolutely wonderful.

  2. I've never read an Anna Jacobs book. This one sounds like it has really strong heroines.

  3. Sounds a bit heartrending...


  4. I'd like to read about the ladies of Peppercorn Street.