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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On Her Six by Christina Elle

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Review by Suze
Sam keeps a close eye on what happens in her neighborhood. Together with her grandmother and a few sharp old ladies she watches everything that's going on outside like a hawk. Sam's new neighbor is interesting and also someone she has to be careful with. What's he doing and why has he moved into her area? She's determined to find out more about him and will do anything to get information. He's really sexy, so she doesn't mind spending time with him at all.
 Ash is an undercover cop who has a surveillance job to do. He thought it would be simple and the last thing Ash wants is trouble. He didn't count on meeting someone like Sam though. He knows she's watching him and tries to keep his case a secret. She isn't going to back down and keeps contacting him because she has an interest in his investigation. He wants to keep her at a distance, but that's impossible because he likes her too much and his heart won't let him steer clear of her.
On Her Six is a gripping story about a terrifying drug problem and creepy criminals. It's also romantic and there's a lot of action both inside and outside the bedroom. Sam and Ash have great chemistry and it's obvious from the start that they won't be able to stay away from one another. Meanwhile they are both looking into the same case from different angles. Their interaction is fun and I loved their dialogue. Sam is fierce and she doesn't back down. When there's a dangerous situation she jumps right into it. She's extremely loyal and is willing to go far to protect the people she loves. Ash has a broken heart and something that happened in the past has greatly damaged him. He's protective and strong, but he has a vulnerable side as well. Sam is the perfect woman for him, but he's scared to let her in. Fortunately Sam slowly manages to break down his walls, which was interesting to see.
Christina Elle's writing flows easily. I loved that there's a lot going on in this book and every scene is filled with adrenaline. The fighting is fabulous and Sam's impulsive actions are fantastic. I liked the author's slightly ironic tone of voice which made me laugh quite a few times. On Her Six has it all, energy, humor and plenty of hot scenes. It's an amazing book and I enjoyed reading it very much. 


  1. Wow this book really does sound like it has a bit of everything in it! I like the idea of an undercover cop being watched... a great premise.

  2. I'm truly intrigued!


  3. I like a good romantic thriller.