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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Map of Stars by Catherine Law

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Review by Suze
Eliza and Nicholas have been best friends since their childhood. It's a natural step for them to get married, so their families can be joined. When Eliza is about to move in with her in-laws she and Nicholas are involved in a car accident. They're being rescued by Lewis, a charismatic man who greatly impresses Eliza and who will cross her path many more times in the future.
When the Second World War breaks out Eliza and Nicholas are growing apart. Nicholas can't join the army because of their accident and in his family home important war strategies are being planned while he's making beer in his family's brewery. Eliza is part of the intellectual side of the secret missions that are being planned from their home. When Lewis is being stationed there Eliza finds herself in a difficult position. Will she give in to her feelings or will she resist the man of her dreams? When the war takes her brother from her she sets something in motion that will change her life forever.
Map of Stars is a fantastic book about a strong woman who's married to her best friend. He isn't the man of her dreams though, there's no passion between Eliza and Nicholas. During the war things are different, nothing is certain and there's danger everywhere. Eliza manages to stay strong, but inside she's being torn apart. She and Nicholas have so many secrets. When she starts hiding things from her friends and family Eliza can't stop what she started and has to live with the consequences. Catherine Law tells her story in such a beautiful, moving way. I couldn't stop reading. Her vivid descriptions of the main characters, the war, the tension between people and the countryside of Kent make the story come to life incredibly well. Because of the war there's so much going on and each day is different. I loved the unexpected twists and turns and Catherine Law managed to surprise me plenty of times.
Map of Stars is an emotional story about what it feels like to lose, to love and to hold on no matter what happens. Catherine Law's fabulous writing style and choice of words are making this book very special. I absolutely loved this novel and highly recommend it. It's a true gem and it's one of the best books I've read in a long time.


  1. It's so hard to go against what one's family expects, even when your heart isn't sure.

  2. Sounds heartrending but rewarding!


  3. It would be hard to be married to a friend when the person of your dreams is still out there.