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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love Song by Sophia Bennett

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Review by Suze
The Point is a famous band and Nina's sister is a big fan. Nina accompanies her to one of their concerts and because they have special tickets they are allowed to meet the band members. Nina is only there for her sister, but when she saves the girlfriend of one of the band members they offer her a job as a personal assistant. Because of the chance to travel Nina reluctantly agrees. The job isn't what she expected, especially behind the scenes things aren't going very well. She has to be there all the time and works many hours per day, so she doesn't have the chance to look around much.
Even though the tour with The Point might have been an experience she doesn't want to repeat Nina gets to know the band members pretty well. They seem to like her company and they're easy to get along with. When the job is over she's ready to go back to her family and to pick up her life again, but then then the manager of The Point offers her the opportunity of a lifetime. Will Nina make a mistake again or will she actually have a better time than before?
Love Song is a great story about a girl who has the chance to spend time with a famous band. Nina is levelheaded, she isn't impressed by status or fame and she's resilient and creative. She's a great main character and it was fun to read about her adventures with The Point. It's because of her personality that she's perfect for the jobs they're asking her to do. I enjoyed reading about the band and how the members behave when they aren't on stage. Sophia Bennett writes about people you want to get to know and I loved that about this book.
Love Song is a book about music. Sophia Bennett has great taste and I loved reading about the band, the songs and the musicians the members like themselves. She writes about some of my favorite records which made me enjoy this book even more. The story flows easily and I read it in one sitting. It's fast-paced and the vivid writing makes every scene come to life very well. The members of The Point are involved in a lot of drama and I often had a smile on my face when I read about their actions. I think Sophia Bennett has written an amazing entertaining story that is a joy to read.


  1. I haven't paid much attention to this book tbh, but your review makes it sound interesting.

  2. I think Siân would like this. I like the sound of it.

  3. I think Siân would like this. I like the sound of it.

  4. Going to concerts with my friends made some of my best memories when I was a kid. Loved it!

  5. This premise really appeals to me!