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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Like A Virgin by Paige Nick

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Review by Suze
Natalie has always taken care of Grace and now Grace has a chance to do something back for her sister. Natalie has a broken leg and she can't go to Amsterdam to perform. Natalie is a Rihanna impersonator. Because Grace looks very much like her she asks her sister to cover for her. She badly needs the money and Grace doesn't want to let her sister down. Only when she arrives in Amsterdam she discovers that the nightclub that's supposed to be her workplace is a strip club instead. She has no money and she owes the owners as soon as she stays a night under their roof. She shares an apartment with several other strippers who all resemble celebrities and she has only got a short amount of time to learn how to be one of them.
Grace used to live an uneventful life. She studied to become a teacher and she's engaged to Lucas. He doesn't know she's in Amsterdam to take her sister's place, he thinks she's there to teach. Grace has to lie to her fiancé, she has to overcome her stage fright, she has to deal with nudity in front of strangers, customers who want more than she's prepared to give and hostile coworkers. She also makes friends, she learns how to dance, she gains confidence and she has some fun. Will she be able to fake it until she makes it and will she succeed in keeping her sister's secrets or will she be found out?
Like A Virgin is an original story. Grace has to become a stripper if she ever wants to get out of Amsterdam again and if she wants to help her sister. She doesn't know how to perform, she's doesn't fit into her sister's clothes very well and she has to find a way to overcome her fears very quickly because she has to get on that stage to be able to escape it as soon as she'll be able to. She's in a tricky situation, but she's strong and she makes the most of it, often with a little bit of help. After every failure she gets up again and starts over. I loved that about her character. She makes friends with some of the other strippers and it was wonderful to read their advice and their fantastic one-liners. Grace does what she has to do and she stumbles through it while making money for her sister. There are plenty of funny scenes and I laughed quite a lot while I was reading this story. The idea of accidental stripping is pretty absurd and it really works.
Paige Nick has written a terrific story. Like A Virgin is a quick and easy read and I really enjoyed it. I liked the descriptions of the setting, the clothes and especially the dancing. I could easily picture Grace's impossible situation. Because all of the main characters look like celebrities it felt like I already knew them, which was a surreal experience. Paige Nick has a great sense of humor and her story is amusing and different. I really liked Like A Virgin, it's a fabulous read.


  1. I can't even imagine! What a really tough situation to be in.

  2. It's definitely a new, fun premise!


  3. This is definitely a difficult situation. I like that the author is able to add humor to the story, so that it doesn't get too dark.