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Sunday, May 15, 2016

After She Fell by Mary-Jane Riley

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Review by Suze
Seventeen-year-old Elena was found at the bottom of a cliff and it is assumed that she jumped. Only her mother doesn't think this is true, she believes her daughter had no motive to kill herself. Because she needs someone to find out what really happened to Elena she contacts her old friend Alex, who is a journalist with many contacts. Elena went to a posh boarding school and as soon as Alex starts talking to people to gather information she knows something isn't right.
Elena had some problems in the past, but nothing in the months before the accident indicated that she was suicidal. When Alex finds out there's a lot wrong with the school she's in danger herself. Will she be able to find out the truth or will she be driven away by the same people who might have wanted to harm Elena?
After She Fell is a gripping story. As soon as I started reading I became so curious that I didn't want to stop. Mary-Jane Riley uses different points of view, which means the reader has the chance to get to know both Alex and Elena. I liked that angle, it's a good way to make the reader feel close to the victim and to really care about what happened to her. Elena is such a strong girl and it was sad that she had to fall off that cliff. After many twists and turns and several startling revelations there's a surprising ending. I had my suspicions, but the finale was something I didn't expect at all, which I enjoyed very much.
Mary-Jane Riley is great at building tension in her story. After She Fell is a fast-paced page-turner. Alex is an amazing heroine, she's tough, she isn't afraid to speak her mind and she doesn't stay away from dangerous situations. She also has a vulnerable side which makes her extra interesting. She has a difficult past, something she can never forget. That makes her even more capable as she can deal with almost anything. I loved that about her. The main characters are all intriguing and nothing is what it seems, which is what I liked most about this book. After she fell is a great thrilling story about complicated situations, dark secrets and terrible bullying. You need a strong stomach for some of the scenes and if you have it you'll love this story.