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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Walk in the Sun by Michelle Zink

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Review by Suze
Rose is running her family's farm on her own. Her mother passed away and her father is severely depressed, so she has taken over all of his jobs. She had a lot of plans for her future, but she had to put everything on hold to take care of the farm and her father. Fortunately her aunt has arranged some help for the summer. Bodhi is a wanderer. He goes from farm to farm and never stays anywhere for a very long time. He's saving his money to travel, to see more of the world. When he meets Rose everything changes. They both aren't looking for love, but sometimes it just happens. Can they make it work or is it too much for them to handle?
A Walk in the Sun is a sweet story about two people who deserve to be loved and cherished. Both Rose and Bodhi have such good hearts and they are kind and caring. I liked them immediately. I love reading about animals and Michelle Zink's vivid description of the farm made it come to life very well. I enjoyed reading about the cows and the horses, about the daily routines and the way they handled the crises. I fell in love with the setting straight away, it's beautiful and it's the perfect background for a romantic story.
A Walk in the Sun is an easy read, but the topics Michelle Zink writes about are quite deep. Rose has lost her mother and she's grieving while she also has to keep the farm going. Bodhi had a rough past and it broke my heart to read about everything he went through. Michelle Zink describes everything in a compassionate way. The story is intense, but due to the fact that her writing has a good flow the story never becomes too heavy. If you're looking for a wonderful love story with kindhearted main characters and a stunning background you should definitely give this book a try.

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