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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Library of Lemons by Jo Cotterill

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Review by Suze
Calypso is living with her dad. Her mother passed away a few years ago. Her dad is emotionally closed off and spends all of his time working on his book, A History of the Lemon. Even though Calypso is ten years old she has to clean the house, look after her father and cook her own dinners. There's never a stocked fridge and the house is dusty. Fortunately Calypso can lose herself in stories. She reads and she writes and her father has taught her that being her own company is enough. That changes when Calypso meets Mae. Mae is vibrant and cheerful and she brings Calypso the joy she has missed in her life.
It isn't easy for Calypso to share her world with Mae. While she's been at Mae's house many times she avoids inviting her back. When Mae finally visits Calypso's house Calypso can't hide what her life is really like any longer. What will happen to her and her father now that other people know?
A Library of Lemons is an amazing story about a girl who learns to find light and happiness after being lonely for a long time. My heart ached when I read about Calypso and her father. Sometimes life can be unfair, but being brave helps to get through the bad times. I loved her strength and her creativity. Calypso and Mae are both intelligent main characters. They love stories and it's clear that Jo Cotterill is passionate about books and reading. I loved her enthusiasm about the topics she's chosen for her book. 
Jo Cotterill has written an amazing story about a sensitive topic. There are so many children who don't have an easy life at home and she writes about it in an understanding and moving way. Her sentences flow easily and her writing is beautiful. A Library of Lemons is sad, but hopeful. It's a book about light and dark. I loved the philosophical character of the story. It's interesting, but also easy to understand. I liked this book very much highly recommend it.


  1. Love the title.. and it seems such a happy book, but it's not? wow..would love to add this to my TBR!

  2. I was Calypso - living with an absentee parent and caring for myself. I could really relate to this story.