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Monday, May 9, 2016

100,000 Views Special: Book Reviews of Finding Sarah and Sun On Sundays by Wendy Lou Jones & Signed Book Giveaway

 About Wendy Lou Jones

Wendy Lou Jones was born in West Sussex, England, where she enjoyed a happy childhood filled with guinea pigs and fun. Later, she moved to Birmingham to study Medicine and was lucky enough to meet her husband. They now live in a little village in Herefordshire with their two grubby boys and some fish. She discovered her love of writing not long after her youngest son started school. And if you were to ask her what it was that made her make the switch, she’d tell you quite simply that it started with a dream.

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Review by Anniek

Sarah has always put others before herself. This leaves her divorced with two grown up children. She decides to move to a small town called Lower Nutton. Since she is now on her own she needs to find a job so she can take care of herself. Sarah finds her job with Maggie. An older lady who is wheelchair-bound. Even though they are completely different they form a strong bond straight away.

Nick is the local vicar. He is gorgeous and rides a motorcycle. Every single woman in their small town has tried to find a way to his heart, but he has never been tempted to date any of them. Because of that there are a lot of rumors about him. When he meets Sarah things change though. Nick and Sarah are two completely different people and because he is a vicar a divorced woman isn't a perfect match. They always say opposites attract. Will love be able to connect them?

Finding Sarah is a book that really warmed my heart. I loved Sarah. She is such a sweetheart. I was cheering for her to find her voice and to be confident in her choices and in her own abilities. She thinks that she isn't good enough for Nick, but being the kind person she is he couldn’t find anyone better even if he tried. Nick is very passionate and this sometimes gets in the way of his judgment.

This is a quote I really loved:
"I have loved you since the moment I met you. I have seen all the arrows that life has thrown at you and you have taken them all. You have spent your time caring for others and taken nothing for yourself. I want to be the one to care for you. I love you and it doesn't matter to me what more life may throw at you, because I promise to be by your side in all things."

Wendy Lou Jones really knows how to tell a story. I felt the emotions she was describing and she had me in tears near the end of the book. She always finds a way to surprise you and keep you interested. There are many love stories out there, but this one is really special, Finding Sarah is refreshing and different.

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Review by Suze

Carrie-Ann has been in love with Tom ever since she was six years old. He's a few years older and has always been friendly, but she was still a child. Now that she's nineteen and legally an adult he might finally notice her. Carrie-Ann works for Maggie on Nutt Hill and Tom works on her husband's farm. They don't often run in to each other, but when they do Carrie-Ann leaves an impression and Tom is finally starting to fall for her. Only fate can be cruel sometimes and it manages to come between them. Will they still have a chance at a future together?

Sun On Sundays is a beautiful story about two people who couldn't be more right for each other. Life can get in the way of a good relationship though and they don't have an easy history together. This story is filled with heartbreak and despair, but also with true love and unbreakable bonds. I love how Wendy Lou Jones writes about the real things, the raw and the good sides of life. She makes her main characters go deep and I love all of her amazing emotional descriptions.

Sun On Sundays is a love story that covers several years of both Carrie-Ann and Tom's life. Carrie-Ann is a sweet and caring girl. She has such a wonderful personality and is easy to like. Tom has made some terrible mistakes, but deep down he's a good guy. He's friendly and wants to do the right thing, but he messes up from time to time. Mistakes can be costly though. I read some of the story with tears in my eyes and every now and then I wanted to scream at the main characters because of the decisions they make. I love it when I feel so much when I'm reading a story.

Wendy Lou Jones's writing is delicate, just like the personalities of her main characters. She expresses emotions with both the words themselves and the way she uses them. She carefully chooses her sentences and I love her storytelling. I'm a big fan of Echoes of Nut Hill series, it's really good. Wendy Lou Jones's romantic stories are unique and that makes them stand out.


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