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Sunday, April 3, 2016

When a Laird Loves a Lady by Julie Johnstone

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Review by Anniek

Marion is willing to do anything to escape her cruel father and the man she is forced to marry. To flee to the Macleod clan she sets her own (pretended) death in motion. Angus, a man she loves like a father, has asked her to join his clan and Marion couldn't be more happy. Her goal is to reach the Isle of Skye and to find the laird Iain Macleod.

Iain is on his way to claim his bride Marion de Lacey. Het has a written order of the King to make her his wife. Ever since the loss of his first wife to an illness he hasn't been open to the possibility of marrying again. Iain will not go against the wishes of his King and will marry Marion when this is asked of him.

When the two of them meet Iain makes sure to tell Marion that he will give her a comfortable life but that he will never let his heart love again. But when Marion's father and her rejected fiancé are coming for her will Iain continue to guard his heart? When danger comes from every corner Iain must face the fact that he can lose Marion forever.

Julie Johnstone has written a beautiful story about loss, heartache and the strength of the heart to overcome the past. I must also confess that I have a weak spot for Scottish men. Marion is such a sweetheart and she doesn't deserve the way some people treat her. She is determined to show Iain that if you keep showing the goodness of your heart people will eventually warm up to you. Iain is a strong and honorable man who will make sure that his wife will have a good life. He feels so much guilt towards his deceased wife that he has closed off his heart.

Because of the language used in this book it isn't a fast read, but it's definitely worthwhile. You will get used to the Scottish language pretty quickly. The English is beautiful and the story is really good, which means the reward is great. I felt this beautiful love story deep in my heart.


  1. What a beautiful review! I'm honored! Thank you.

  2. When I read books with Scottish characters, I tend to "hear" their voices and accents in my mind. Do you do that?