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Monday, April 11, 2016

Under Italian Skies by Nicky Pellegrino

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Review by Suze
Stella works for a famous designer and she loves what she does. When the designer passes away she suddenly has the chance to do anything she wants. Only which next step would she like to take in her life? After twenty-five years of hard work and a failed marriage she's on her own and she has no idea how to fill her days. She can go wherever she likes though, which is why she decides to do a house swap. She exchanges her apartment in London for Villa Rosa in Italy. The owner is a kind man and they write each other emails on a regular basis. Leo has even left her a thoughtful surprise for when she's lonely in his villa.
Stella stays in an Italian village called Triento. She doesn't know anybody at first, but before the solitude can become too overwhelming she meets three completely different women. They're all fascinating and soon her days are filled with all kinds of adventures. There's hardly a dull moment in her new life in Italy. Will this enable Stella to fill her empty future? 
Under Italian Skies is a wonderful story about a woman who has the chance to have a fresh start in life. Stella is lost without her job and she needs a change. I loved the fact that she is brave enough to swap houses with someone she doesn't know. Stella is a strong woman who solves her problems and who always makes the best of things. I liked that a lot. Her new friends are interesting characters and I enjoyed reading about them very much. Under Italian Skies is a kind and cozy story, it's a perfect holiday read.
I immediately wanted to pack my bags and travel to Villa Rosa. Nicky Pellegrino's descriptions are vivid and she makes her beautiful setting come to life really well. She describes food in such a detailed way that I could almost taste it, it was absolutely mouthwatering. I loved this fictional trip to the fantastic Triento. I fell in love with the intriguing inhabitants of the village, the amazing dishes and the stunning coastline. Under Italian Skies is brilliant story with a lovely romantic ending. It put big smile on my face and I highly recommend it.


  1. Nice review! The Amazon page says this one isn't currently available for purchase, but maybe one day. I love that you review books with mature heroines - love has no age limit! Kudos!

  2. I love books about second chances. Stella sounds like she has a lot of life left in her!

  3. Sounds like a mini-vacation in book form!