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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trivial Pursuits by Aven Ellis

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Review by Anniek

Livy learned that she can’t trust professional athletes. She had a relationship with one and got burned badly. After finishing her studies she moves back into her parents’ house an focusses on making her jewelry line a big success. In the meantime she's also giving lessons to children and helps them to be creative. When she has some spare time Livy loves to play Trivial Pursuit. This game links her with Scott and they enjoy playing with each other very much. Through her friend Aubrey she has met Landon Holder, star defenseman for the Chicago Buffaloes. He is gorgeous but everything she vowed never to be involved with again.

Landon has the reputation for being a heartbreaker. He hooks up with women, but gets bored with them just as easily. He has never been interested in settling done until he meets Livy. When he sees Livy at school while she is giving a lesson to the children they connect the dots and find out that they have been playing Trivial Pursuit together. Landon invites Livy over for a date at his house.

During this date it turns out that what is shown on the outside is not always the same as what's happening on the inside. Livy finds herself falling for Landon but is afraid to commit to a relationship again. When there are also other people who want nothing more than to break them up will they be able to keep trusting each other?

Aven Ellis knows exactly how to make a love story interesting. She puts in just the right amount of trouble and manages to create interesting characters. The details about Landon’s life as a professional athlete and Livy's jewelry making are making the story real and believable. I was either laughing out loud or holding my breath while reading Trivial Pursuits.

Livy and Landon really belong to each other. They are so sweet together and behind the hard shield that Landon is keeping up he is actually a really nice guy. The fact that he has a cat and adores this little creature makes him truly adorable. Aven Ellis always makes it hard for me to put her books down. I highly recommend any book written by her! 


  1. This looks soooooo interesting! What a great review :) I love that you felt this was a balanced read and wasn't too unrealistic. Character development is super important. Will be check this out!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love when characters have something in common besides physical attraction. Really cute!

  3. Defensemen are always my favorites...