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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Three-Week Arrangement by Sarah Ballance

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Review by Suze
Ethan isn't ready to date. He's lost his wife three years ago and still misses her very much. His family wants him to be happy again and his mother and brothers constantly worry about him. When he meets Rue an opportunity presents itself. She needs someone to show her parents and the man who doesn't take no for an answer that she's already taken and he can give himself some breathing space at family occasions. Rue will leave the country in three weeks, so there's no way they can get attached to each other. They know it's temporary and that it isn't real. Only when they start spending more time together Rue discovers she likes Ethan a lot. Is the short time she has with him worth the heartache she will have later?
The Three-Week Arrangement is a wonderful story about two people who are each other's opposites. Ethan is careful and thinks twice before he does anything. He doesn't want to get hurt again and he doesn't mind being on the sidelines. Rue has only got one goal and that's living. She likes danger and she loves a thrill. For her work she needs to be fearless and that's exactly what she is. She's fabulous. Ethan is such a generous and kind guy. He's absolutely wonderful. They have a great connection, but there are also plenty of obstacles.
I liked this story a lot, mainly because both of the main characters have such a distinctive personality. They're likable and they stand out. I also enjoyed reading about the animals and their love for them. The Three-Week Arrangement is a very romantic story with two main characters who are made for each other. I love this series and highly recommend it. You can read this book as a standalone as well, but why do that when there are more good stories to enjoy?


  1. I definitely want to read this story and the whole series. I have the other books on my tablet just waiting me. Thanks for the review.

  2. Such an interesting arrangement! I saw a TV show like this once -- it was a reality TV show where a girl pranked her parents like this.