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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Summer We Danced by Fiona Harper

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Review by Suze
Pippa used to be an excellent dancer. She was so talented that she could have done it professionally, but something stopped her from going through with it. After a painful divorce from a famous rock star Pippa now lives in her hometown again. She feels humiliated and alone. Because she wants to do something that makes her come out of her shell she goes back to Miss Mimi's to take dancing lessons, exactly like she used to all those years ago. Even though Miss Mimi is in her eighties now she still runs the school. She can use a little help and Pippa's return couldn't have come at a better time.
Pippa's teenage crush, Tom, has a daughter who's taking lessons as well. He's a pretty good dancer himself, but hasn't danced for a long time either. Pippa still feels the old attraction and spending time with him is more fun than she ever thought it would be. Now that Pippa is helping Miss Mimi she discovers that there are some major problems. Will she be able to fix them together with some assistance even if it means being around Tom a lot more often than she thinks she can handle?
 The Summer We Danced is a wonderful novel about a dancing school that's the center of a lot of people's worlds. Pippa loves dancing and when the movements take over and she stops thinking she's finally happy. She constantly underestimates herself and she needs to rebuild her self-esteem. I enjoyed seeing her grow and find out how amazing she actually is. The dancing and the people she's dancing with are changing her. Tom is a handsome man, but he's also troubled. They're a great match, but there's so much standing in their way. I love how Fiona Harper used their dancing to show how perfect they are together.
Miss Mimi is fantastic. She's a strong lady who lives for her work. She loves being the center of attention, but she's also sweet and has a big heart. She is the heart and soul of the dancing school. I enjoyed reading Fiona Harper's vivid descriptions of the school itself, the moves and the feelings of the main characters. I felt like I was watching a really good show. I liked The Summer We Danced very much, it's such a fun and heartwarming story.


  1. I've never been a good dancer, so it's hard to relate to books with dancers as main characters. I just don't understand the passion.

  2. I like dance-related premises, so I'll keep an eye out!


  3. Miss Mimi sounds like a great character.