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Monday, April 18, 2016

The One That Got Away by A.J. Pine

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Review by Suze
Jamie and Brynn have been best friends since their high school years. They liked each other a lot back then, but a kiss made things awkward between them. Even though ten years later they still like each other they never acted on their feelings again to make sure they wouldn't lose each other. Just before their kiss Brynn was about to go out with someone else. Spencer was who she dreamed of for an entire year. At their high school reunion she's going to meet him again and she wants to know if she still has feelings for him.
Jamie thinks he's no match for Spencer, but he wants to give winning Brynn's heart one more chance. Spencer invites her to his book launch and Jamie has to be at the same place for a beer event. He offers Brynn a road trip, so they can go there together. During the road trip he has to convince her he's the one she should choose. Will things go according to plan or will he lose Brynn to Spencer after all?
Jamie and Brynn are really great together, only they don't know it. I liked that side of the story a lot. They have good chemistry and I was hoping they would be able to see some sense. The road trip is a good idea, but holidays never go according to plan. I loved reading about the ups and downs during the trip. Jamie and Brynn are both emotional and they aren't good at expressing their feelings, which is a pretty disastrous combination. It was fun to read about their adventures.

A.J. Pine has written a good romantic story. Brynn and Jamie are both headstrong and they're also really kind and generous. I liked that about them. I enjoyed reading about their relationship both in the past and the present. The road trip is what made the story stand out for me. If you like a sweet romantic story with two stubborn main characters, lots of misunderstandings and plenty of unexpected twists and turns you should definitely read The One That Got Away.


  1. I like stories where the romantic characters are also friends.

  2. I love friends-to-lovers!