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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Natural History of Us by Rachel Harris

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Review by Suze
Justin and Peyton used to get along, but something awful happened between them and they're not on speaking terms any longer. They haven't talked to each other for years, but Justin always keeps an eye on Peyton. Just before graduation they're suddenly forced to work together. Justin hurt Peyton badly and she never completely got over it. The truth is that he didn't either. He likes Peyton a lot, but he messed things up. Their assignment might be his last chance to explain things to her. He desperately wants her to understand and to be forgiven.
The Natural History of Us is a wonderful love story. Peyton and Justin have a special connection, but something happened that changed both of their lives forever. Peyton is brave and strong. She's fighting to be as healthy as she can be and she wants to live. Justin broke her heart and she's never been able to get over him completely. Justin has a perfect life on the outside and he makes sure nobody finds out what it's really like to be him, except for Peyton. I often felt sad for him. They're both sweet and good. Justin has an image, he's the popular baseball player who doesn't want to commit to any girl, but deep down he's completely different from what he lets people believe. Rachel Harris has given her main characters a lot of personality which makes the story very good.
The Natural History of Us has an easy flow. It isn't a fast-paced read, you need to take the time to get to know the characters and get into their story, which is definitely worth it. Peyton's from a warm and loving home where animals are the center of attention. Justin is from a cold home where appearance matters more than anything else. This combination worked well for me. The story is all about them and the way they live. It's both simple and complicated at the same time which makes it well balanced. Justin and Peyton are both amazing people and I loved their cute and romantic story.

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  1. High school, especially senior year, is such a turbulent time for teens. I can imagine that this book is heavy on the emotional ties.