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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cupcakes & Confetti: The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea (1) by Jane Linfoot

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Review by Suze
Poppy bakes wedding cakes for a living and she rents an apartment above Brides by the Sea, a wedding shop. She knows a lot about weddings, which is why she's being asked as a wedding planner on Daisy Hill Farm. She has to take the job to help out her good friend Cate who's booked a wedding at the farm. The previous wedding planner has made a mess of things and Poppy should be able to clean it up. She wants to make sure every couple that has booked their special day at the farm will actually have it. That means she has to solve plenty of problems and she has to be creative when things aren't going according to plan.
The farmer, Rafe, is moody and he isn't happy with the wedding business. It brings in money, but he doesn't have to like it. Besides keeping her cake business going and making sure the wedding business at the farm runs smoothly Poppy now also has a boss who makes things extra difficult, but she can handle a challenge and she might even like it, a lot...
Cupcakes & Confetti - The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea (1) is a wonderful book. I loved it from the first sentence. I'm a romantic person and therefore love to read about weddings. Jane Linfoot describes the whole process in such a vivid and detailed way that I could picture myself shopping for a dress at Brides by the Sea and booking a countryside wedding at the farm. Her settings are amazing and I couldn't get enough of reading about them. The farm is stunning and it's the ideal location for a wedding. The shop is fun and classy with a fabulous selection of clothes. Plus there are plenty of mouthwatering descriptions of food and drinks, what's not to like?
Poppy is a sweet person and she's always there for others. Someone took advantage of that and broke her heart, so she's reluctant to start a relationship again and wants to make it on her own. She has some very good friends who support her no matter what. The friendship in this book is heartwarming and it made me smile many times. Poppy manages to get herself in all kinds of uncomfortable and often funny situations and I love Jane Linfoot's sense of humor. She also knows how to create good chemistry. Rafe is moody and kind at the same time. He's a hot farmer with a sensible head on his shoulders. He's the perfect main character for a very romantic story.
Jane Linfoot's writing is fantastic. Her sentences are well-constructed and they have an easy flow. Once I started this book I couldn't put it away. I loved the ending, it's a dream come true and it will melt everyone's heart. Cupcakes & Confetti - The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea (1) is a delicious summer read with enchanting locations, gorgeous main characters, a lot of unexpected twists and turns and plenty of surprises.


  1. this sounds lovely can't wait to read it thanks for sharing

  2. This is an incredibly beautiful space to have a wedding reception. The space at wedding venues NYC is a long hall with a few side rooms (perfect for dancing and hor d'oeuvres). The windows at the end of the hall led to magnificently gorgeous panoramic views of the city.

  3. I haven't read any of Jane Linfoot's books before. I like the character name (Poppy - so cute!) and this sounds like a plot I would adore.

  4. This sounds very uplifting!


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  6. Brides by the Sea sounds like an adorable shop.