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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Finding of Martha Lost by Caroline Wallace

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Review by Suze
Martha is sixteen years old and she works at the lost properties office of the Liverpool Train station. She is lost herself. Someone left her and never came back for her. She's been raised by the woman behind the counter of the lost properties office, the woman whose job Martha is now doing and who's evil to her. Martha has a lot of questions and very few answers. She's good at finding stuff for other people though. Every lost item has a story and Martha has a lot of them.
Next door to the lost property office there's a café. Martha is friends with the lady who runs it. Elisabeth is glamorous and she's Martha's best friend. She isn't the only friend Martha has though. She also has George the roman soldier and William who lives in the tunnels below the station. She meets a man named Mal who's looking for a lost suitcase with Beatles memorabilia. At the same time Martha's also looking for something, namely her birth certificate which she desperately needs. Will she be able to unravel the secrets of her past?
Finding Martha Lost is a fantastic original book. It's a one of a kind read that can't be compared to anything else. I absolutely loved this story. Martha is eccentric. She wears the most wonderful dresses, she loves spinning and she's bound to Liverpool's Lime Street Station in a really special way. The story reads like a fairytale. It takes you to a completely different world. One where there are plenty of delightful secrets. Piece by piece the truth is being revealed and I enjoyed every single page of it.
Caroline Wallace is a great story teller. I love her imagination. Liverpool has a unique station with even more unique inhabitants. It's such a brilliant idea. I enjoyed reading this book very much and think it's a true gem with fabulous main characters. If you like to be surprised you should check out this amazing story. 


  1. This sounds like such a unique story. I like the idea of finding a lost identity.

  2. I need to look for this!