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Monday, April 18, 2016

Summer Harvest by Georgina Penney

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Review by Suze
Beth hasn't had a holiday in years. She's a dog trainer and works very hard. She survived a terrible illness and went through a nasty divorce, so she deserves a break. Her grandmother sends her to Australia to have some fun. Beth decides to stay in a beautiful cottage among the vineyards. Here she meets the Hardy family, a welcoming group of people who are making her feel at home straight away. Only her stay is only temporary, eventually Beth has to go back. Will she be able to say goodbye to everything and everyone she's come to love?
Summer Harvest is a wonderful story about a woman who went through a difficult period in her life. Beth is ready for some good times after everything that happened to her. I loved how she eventually comes out of her shell. The Margaret River wine region is stunning and I enjoyed reading Georgina Penney's lively and detailed descriptions. Beth needs a fresh starts in many ways and it was amazing to see her develop into a more complete version of herself. She slowly becomes a woman who can be bold and confident. I had a great time reading about her adventures and I liked the vivid way Georgina Penney tells her story.
Beth and Clayton have amazing chemistry. Only there are some fears that Beth needs to overcome. I admire the sensitive and honest way in which Georgina Penney writes about them. The beautiful surroundings, the amazing wine and the fabulous company put a smile on my face. Summer Harvest is a fantastic book and the writing flows easily. I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. I immediately loved the Hardy family. They're warm and welcoming. They also have their issues and secrets and it was interesting to find out more about them.
Georgina Penney's stories are heartwarming. She makes her characters come to life extremely well. While reading the story I felt like I was there. Summer Harvest is romantic and sweet while it also has several layers of depth. It's the perfect summer read and I highly recommend it.


  1. What a lucky girl, to have a grandmother who can send her on an amazing trip!

  2. Beth sounds easy to root for!