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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Read Me Like A Book by Liz Kessler

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Review by Suze
Ashleigh doesn't know what she wants to do after school. There isn't anything she's really good at, except hanging out with her best friend. At home things are also not going so well. Her parents aren't getting along and there are plenty of fights and not much attention for Ashleigh. She has a boyfriend, but something feels off. She isn't as happy with him as she should be. The only person who makes her feel better is her English teacher, Miss Murray, who helps her to get better grades. Miss Murray encourages her and Ashleigh finally becomes more confident about her schoolwork. Only when she's spending more time with her teacher other insecurities come to the surface. Ashleigh likes her teacher, she likes her a lot...
Read Me Like A Book is an interesting coming of age story. Ashleigh's having many problems and nothing is easy for her. Her last school year isn't about having fun and feeling free. She's having trouble to keep herself together and she has no idea how to deal with all of her issues. Love can be confusing, but it can also be something beautiful. Ashleigh is discovering a lot about herself in a short period of time. She has her flaws, but she's also sweet and smart. I kept hoping she would find happiness with someone. It was tough to watch her struggle. Miss Murray is kind and approachable and they have a strong connection, but she can never fully be herself around Ashleigh. I was curious to see how their relationship would develop.
Red Me Like A Book is a fast-paced read. It has an easy flow and likable main characters. I think Liz Kessler has written a good story. It's all about relationships in many different ways. Ashleigh isn't very good at expressing herself and I kept hoping she would feel more comfortable in her own skin, that she would choose to do what made her happy. It was great to finally see her show people her real personality and to watch her grow up. The ending is surprising and I really liked it. Read Me Like A Book is a wonderful story.


  1. So many teens struggle with identity, personal contentment, and other issues that seem to be described in this book.

  2. This sounds really engaging!