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Saturday, April 16, 2016

One Night in Los Angeles by Katey Lovell

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Review by Suze
Abbi has finally got a part in a movie. She's from a small town and Hollywood isn't familiar to her yet. She used to get a lot of attention in her hometown, but here she has to start at the bottom. Aaron Halliday is the big star of the movie and he's absolutely gorgeous. When Abbi messes up her scene he's right by her side and helps her out. Abbi isn't looking for a man and she's determined not to be interested in Aaron. He's supposed to be a real player, so she should avoid him. Only is everything what it seems and can she ignore the obvious attraction between them?
One Night in Los Angeles is a great romantic story. I read it in one sitting, because after reading the first sentence I was hooked to Katey Lovell's writing and I couldn't put it away. Abbi is a wonderful main character. She's sweet and talented, but she's also a little bit insecure. Fortunately Aaron is a good guy who's a lot kinder than she thought he would be. Their chemistry is amazing.
I would recommend One Night in Los Angeles to anyone who has an hour to spare and who's looking for a fun and flirty read to spend it with. I enjoyed this story very much. It has all the right ingredients, gifted and good-looking main characters, tension, fabulous writing and a lot of passion.  

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