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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Miss Potterton's Birthday Tea by Amanda Prowse

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Review by Suze
Cordelia Potterton can't seem to find the right person to clean her house. She's an old woman and her ninety-fourth birthday is around the corner. Fortunately someone suggests Tina and she's exactly the type of person Cordelia is looking for. Tina is good at what she does and she's working hard for her son's future. She and Cordelia instantly like each other. When Tina suggest a birthday party Cordelia is enthusiastic about the idea. One of the guests is her only relative, Ian. Ian is a doctor and he isn't happy because of marital problems, so he can use some cheering up. The party might be exactly what they all need...
Miss Potterton's Birthday Tea is a wonderful novella about a sharp and witty old lady, a kind and strong woman and a lovely man who deserves a better life. Amanda Prowse is a great storyteller and her writing has an easy flow. I love her descriptions of the main characters and settings as they immediately put the reader in the right mood. I read this bittersweet story with a smile on my face. There are so many little details about the personalities of the main characters, which means the reader has the chance to get to know them well. That is something I liked a lot.
Miss Potterton's Birthday Tea isn't a long story, it's perfect for when you have an hour to spare. If you want to read a great short story this is definitely the right choice. I didn't want it to end, because I loved the main characters from the start and I wished I could read more about them. I wasn't disappointed when I finished the story though as it has a lovely and fitting ending. I enjoyed reading this heartwarming story very much.


  1. I have yet to find a book of Amanda's jig don't like

  2. I love when there are sweet characters in a novel. This one sounds like a real charmer.

  3. This sounds very soothing!


  4. This sounds like a sweet, entertaining story.