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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kissed by Water by Delwyn Jenkins

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Review by Anniek
Ever since Tristan got struck by the darkness of Maleus he has spent many months in pain and agony. During his dark coma Charlotte has done everything in her power do get Tristan back. She slips into the infirmary every night to heal him and to help him find his way back to his family.
Charlotte has always been the shy girl in their Quatre. Before she came to the collegium she lived by her parents' rules, but now she is ready to find her own self. Ever since Kam and Mycah fulfilled their quickening their power is off the charts. To stay a full functioning Quatre Charlotte has to go through this ritual as well. She only has to find her perfect Watchtower Knight to help her.
When Tristan wakes up he struggles with the darkness that still lingers inside him. Charlotte is so pure and sweet and he's trying so hard to keep his distance because the last thing he wants is to hurt her. Does he still has a choice when Maleus is trying hard to breach the wards of the collegium?
Ever since I read the first book in The Watchtower Chronicles I fell in love with The Watchtower Knights and their witches. All of the girls are strong and independent witches who won't back down for anything. They are so skilled and creative and will do anything to protect what's theirs. Every story pulls the reader into their magical world and the struggles that they have to deal with. Even at every dark incident and sadness there's one thing that stands out above all and that is the love that the witches share with their Knights.  
Delwyn Jenkins is in my top 15 of books of 2015 and it wouldn't surprise me if she'd be on this year's list as well.

As we now merry part, know that we shall merry meet again. Go in Peace and in Love.

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  1. I haven't read this series at all, so I am not familiar with the characters.