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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn

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Review by Suze
Shiels has a type A personality. She's a leader, someone who achieves. She's working hard to be able to have a bright academic future. Everything changes when there's a new student at her high school. His name is Pyke and he's a pterodactyl. Shiels has a steady boyfriend, but she feels attracted to Pyke straight away. Every student dreams about him and when he sings (or screeches) people become ecstatic. At a performance of Pyke's band Shiels loses herself completely. So much that even her nose becomes purple, which is a sign that she is Pyke's.
When everything spirals out of control Shiels is the person who wants to save Pyke. But who is he really and what does she know about him? Is she willing to give up her former self for a hot pterodactyl?
Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend is a strange book, which is exactly what I liked about it. I'm a big fan of absurd stories. I loved Pyke from the start. He can hardly talk, he's primal and he's more a beast than a boy. Still he's intelligent enough to go to school and everyone falls under his spell. Shiels has a special connection with him, but does she truly understand what Pyke is like? I loved following her discoveries about both Pyke and herself. The arrival of Pyke means chaos and Shiels is a person who wants order. Of course those two things have to clash and the outcome is a wonderful story.
When I read a book like Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend I let all my expectations go because I want to enjoy being surprised. I love it when a story is unusual and creative. I liked Alan Cumyn's sense of humor. Even though this isn't a laugh out loud book the essence is funny. It was great to be entertained by a story that's both extraordinary and incredible. This book is so much fun. I think it's a story you either get or don't get and if you get it you will think it's brilliant and you will love it so much that you want to read it again.
I like how Alan Cumyn's mind works. He's chosen an extinct creature and made it come to life again. Pterodactyls are ancient and at some point they actually existed. Putting one in the modern world brings endless possibilities and I think the author has done such a good job exploring them and turning them into an original story. His writing style is easy to read while it's quite literary at the same time. He's created something special and I think this book is absolutely brilliant. 


  1. I won this one recently. Luckily I received the one with the cover and the words. This pic freaks me out a bit. It made me curious about the book but I like the word cover better.

    1. I like this cover because pink is my favorite color, the pterodactyl is pretty creepy indeed :). Enjoy reading the book!

  2. I just can't imagine this story at all. In my head, a pterodactyl is a bird/reptile dinosaur. Is THAT what the author used in the story as a character?

  3. Sounds crazy, but fun if you're in the mood!