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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Girl Through Glass by Sari Wilson

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Review by Suze
Ballet is Mira's whole world. She loves dancing and she's talented. It's the end of the seventies and Mira wants to audition for the American School of Ballet, which is strict and prestigious. If a girl does well there she will have a promising career. Mira is one of the best. Her parents aren't showing any interest in her life. They don't get along and a divorce is inevitable. When Mira meets Maurice, a man in his forties, who is interested in everything she does they form a strange bond. One that becomes more intense when Mira grows as a dancer.
It's the present and Kate is working as a professor of dance, but she risks her entire career for a student. She's feeling out of sorts and when she receives a letter from someone from her past she is upset. She has the chance to take a break and she starts to investigate. She goes to New York to gather important information. Her past is back in her present, but maybe it has never really left?
Girl Through Glass is an amazing book about a girl with a big passion. Mira's dancing is fantastic. Sari Wilson describes her moves in such a detailed and vivid way that I had to listen to music while I was reading. For me Mira was dancing off the pages. Sari Wilson understands movement, she knows exactly what the body of a dancer is like and what it's supposed to do and she translates it perfectly on paper. I enjoyed reading about the dancing very much. I love ballet, there can be such great beauty in dancing, and Sari Wilson has poured all the emotions it brings about into her story
Girl Through Glass is a moving story about a girl who doesn't have an easy time at home. Mira's a perfectionist, when she does something she gives everything she has to give and strives to make it perfect. Kate is a smart woman, but her life is a bit of a mess. She has to come to terms with her past to be able to move on. She's a strong woman and I admired her courage. Sari Wilson describes sensitive topics in a raw and honest way. She doesn't sugarcoat and her story telling is realistic. Her writing is as fluid as the dances she describes. I absolutely loved this book.


  1. I'll take a look at this book.I've got curious about this history. By the way,very good writing here. :-)

  2. I have never been a good dancer, so I find it hard to relate to books where the main character is a ballerina or something like that.

  3. I love a good dancer premise!