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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Unexpected Treasure by Melody Anne

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Review by Anniek
Haley is done with her non-existent life. She is always afraid of something and doesn't even have the confidence to go after the man she is in love with. Her psychiatrist gives her an assignment that is meant for her to get more self-esteem. Haley has decided to finally face her fears and will do her best to be a better version of herself.
When she wins a vacation to an exclusive resort Haley has found exactly what she's looking for. She investigated the resort and the owner and now knows a lot about Crew Storm. Crew is the kind of man she needs to learn how she can seduce a man. She really craves to be like the sophisticated women she always sees on TV or in the magazines. If there is one man who can teach her everything she needs to know it has to be Crew.
Crew Storm is officially opening his exclusive beach resort. He is proud of what he made of the place. Crew has a hardworking and loyal staff and together they have accomplished the unthinkable. The resort is fully booked from the day he opens the doors. Crew is a womanizer and is never lost for words until he meets Haley.
Haley is entirely straight with Crew when she finally meets him. She tells him that she needs a teacher, a man who can teach her all she needs to know about how she should behave in the bedroom. Crew is stunned and he declines immediately. He doesn't want a wallflower to follow his every move. How come he can't get her out of his mind then?
For the people who have been reading my reviews it won't come as a surprise that I'm a big fan of Melody Anne. Her way of writing is like a warm bath to me. Her books are easy to read and they make me go into relax mode. There is always a lot of love and also always a happy ending which is a must for me when I read a romantic book. I love the fact that she is writing about members of big families as well. Crew Storm is one of five. In every book you get a glimpse of the other members, but you can also read their stories as standalones. Knowing some of the basics about the family will make you fly through the pages.
If you've never read a book by Melody Anne I will strongly recommend you to give her work a chance. I'm one hundred percent sure that you won't be disappointed.

1 comment:

  1. I've been enjoying my contemporaries lately, so I might have to give this one a read! You've made it sound so amazing :D Great review!