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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

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Review by Suze
Nix is originally from Hawaii and was born in the nineteenth century. Together with her father and a small crew she travels on a big pirate ship. They don't only sail the seas, they can also travel in time. As long as they have a good map they can go anywhere they fancy. Nix's father has a mission. He wants to go back to Hawaii to obtain a special map. He wants to save Nix's mother, who died after Nix was born, only that might erase Nix's entire existence. Even though Nix knows this mission will be the end of her she still helps her father. Together with her closest friend and crew member Kashmir they come up with a plan to get that particular map. Kashmir is a master thief and has all the necessary skills.
Nix is back in her home country and dreams of a different future for herself. One where she doesn't depend on her father's crazy missions and addictions. She has plans of her own and follows a path that leads to answers about who she is and what the results of her father's actions will be exactly. Is she willing to sacrifice everything so her parents can be together once more?
The Girl From Everywhere is an exciting read about an interesting topic. I loved the idea of a ship that can travel to different centuries. There are so many possibilities. The story is a fantastic daydream about fascinating times and places. I was intrigued from the start. I liked Nix, who is struggling to find her own place in the world. She doesn't belong anywhere, but she also belongs everywhere. Kashmir is great at stealing things. Nix's father needs those skills to bring in money. They need it to buy the maps. As they can travel in time things from the past have value in the future. It's a brilliant way to finance their expeditions. Kashmir is very sweet to Nix and I loved his character. He's protective and he's smart. They keep ending up in the most thrilling situations and Kashmir's crafty ways to get out of them often made me smile. Nix's father has his flaws which made him interesting. All the characters have their own special, distinguishing characteristics and peculiarities, which is something I liked a lot.
Heidi Heilig has written an amazing story that takes the reader to magical times and places. The ship itself is everyone's childhood fantasy and the settings are beautiful. The story has an easy flow and I read it in one sitting. It managed to grip me from the start and I loved being taken away into an original fantasy world. I highly recommend this remarkable wonderful book, it's a true gem and a must-read for anyone who loves to be taken away on an imaginary journey.

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