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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Day I Lost You by Fionnuala Kearney

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Review by Suze
Jess receives the most terrible news a mother can get, her daughter Anna is reported missing after an avalanche when she's on a ski trip. Even though she's heartbroken Jess has Anna's daughter Rose to take care of and she has to keep going. While waiting for more news about her daughter Jess has to start looking into Anna's life. She had a lot of secrets and Jess has to uncover the truth, she has to look into the past to be able to go forward.
The Day I Lost You is a beautiful book about a mother who gets the most devastating news you can think of. Jess is a sweet lady who lives for her family. Her daughter and granddaughter are everything to her. The news is terrible, but she has to be brave for Rose. Anna's disappearance also raises questions and Jess has to find the answers. The Day I lost you is sad, but it's also a gripping page-turner, it's a fascinating story that made me bite my nails.  
I couldn't put The Day I Lost You away, I had to keep reading until I knew all of Anna's secrets. Of course I had my suspicions and I couldn't wait to find out if they were true. The ending is emotional and really good. I shed a few tears while reading this book. Fionnuala Kearney makes her readers feel so much. She makes the story come to life extremely well. Anna has a voice through her blog posts which makes the reader feel closer to her. I felt conflicted many times, which made me even more interested to know the truth.
The Day I Lost You has wonderful main characters. Jess is a strong woman who needs her friends and family very much. Rose is an adorable little girl and she has a lot of personality. Her role is very important and I liked how loveable and inquisitive Fionnuala Kearney has made her. Every part of this story is well thought through and even though the characters all have their flaws the story itself is perfect. I think this is a definite winner and I absolutely loved it.


  1. I have a daughter, and I can't imagine the pain of losing her. What a tough read!

  2. Sounds a bit intense for me...


  3. Sounds like a very emotional read with an interesting mystery.