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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Cosy Teashop in the Castle by Caroline Roberts

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Review by Suze
Ellie doesn't like her office job very much. Her dream is to bake cakes for a living. When she sees that Claverham Castle is looking for someone new to run their teashop she does everything she can to get the lease. It means less security, but she will be able to do what she loves. The castle needs a lot of money for maintenance, which is why they're trying to attract visitors. The manager, Joe, is a nice guy with good business sense, but he does need to convince the owner over and over again. Lord Henry likes his solitude and isn't happy with the visitors at all. They need them to save his castle though. Ellie needs as many customers as possible as well to make a success of her teashop. Together with Joe she tries to come up with a plan to make some extra profit. Working together proves to be a lot more fun than she anticipated and there are definitely sparks. Only Joe is her boss, so they shouldn't get involved, should they?
The Cosy Teashop in the Castle is a warm and sweet story. I loved the beautiful setting. What's more perfect for a romantic story than a slightly crumbling castle? The food descriptions made my mouth water. Caroline Roberts makes the teashop come to life really well because of the delicious cakes she writes about and the detailed descriptions of the castle and its grounds. Ellie is a lovely girl. She's kind, optimistic and cheerful. Joe can be welcoming and caring one day and moody the next, which is quite confusing. There's a reason for his behavior, but Ellie doesn't know about it at first. He doesn't normally share anything about himself, but Ellie is different and that scares him. It was great to read the same story from two points of view.
Caroline Roberts knows how to tell a story. Her writing is vivid and imaginative which is exactly what a story like this needs. It's a heartwarming read with some surprising elements. I liked the ending very much, but wasn't ready for it to come. I could have read about life in the castle for many more hours. Another thing I enjoyed reading about was Ellie's love for her grandmother. They had such a special connection. It's the precious details that made me fall in love with this book. Ellie and her grandmother used to share their passion for cooking and baking and the recipes at the end are a nice extra for the reader. This novel is so wonderful, friendly and cozy, I liked that a lot.