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Friday, March 11, 2016

Starr Valentine by Wende Dikec

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Review by Suze
Starr Valentine has it all, she's pretty, she's popular and her parents have enough money to give her anything she wants to have. She's looking forward to homecoming and she's going out with the cutest boy in her school. She's head cheerleader, which she enjoys very much. Everybody thinks she's gorgeous. Starr's sister Astra hasn't got those stunning looks, she's the plain big sister who's always in Starr's shadow. Starr likes all the attention people are giving her and she doesn't want anything to change. Her parents have other plans though. After many years they're finally able to go home to Vega and Starr has to go with them. She discovers she is from another planet and they have to travel through space to get there.
Starr suspects things will be even better on Vega, their home planet, when she discovers her mother is a queen. That means she's a princess. She's in for a nasty surprise though as on Vega people see beauty in a different way and all of a sudden Starr is the ugly one and her sister is the gorgeous girl everybody admires. When Julian, a duke who's assigned to keep an eye on Starr, tells her the truth she gets the shock of her life. Is it too late for Starr or can she become pretty again?
Starr Valentine is a fun and original book. I loved the idea of a planet where beauty is defined in a different way. Starr is shallow, vain and not very kind. She only thinks about herself and doesn't care much about others. Speaking to Julian makes her think and she comes up with a plan to make her life better. She's resourceful and fierce. Secretly she has a big heart which always remained hidden because of her perfectly groomed exterior. It was great to slowly see her change, which doesn't always go smoothly though. Wendy Dikec writes her stories with a lovely sense of humor and Starr's actions often made me laugh.
The planet Vega is a wonderful setting and Wende Dikec makes it come to life really well. It's a magical place to live. Even though things aren't as good for her on Vega as they used to be on Earth, Starr is completely herself and she remains true to her feelings and her values. She isn't afraid to look inside herself even though she might not like what she sees. She's taking care of herself and when she wants something she fights for it. Julian is a good guy and they're really sweet together, but there's a lot that's standing in their way. Eventually some shocking secrets come to light which will influence the course of Starr's future. The ending is definitely unusual with a scene that put a big smile on my face. Starr Valentine is an enjoyable feminine story with a lot of spunk.

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