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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Song of the Skylark by Erica James

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Review by Suze
Lizzie has messed things up. She fell in love with her boss and has lost her job because of it. She's living with her parents again and has to start over. She isn't the most lucky person in the world. She often makes mistakes and a lot of things tend to go wrong in her life. Her mother encourages her to take a job in a retirement home. It's voluntary and it gives Lizzie something to do and it might teach her something as well. There Lizzie meets Mrs Dallimore. Lizzie loves spending time with the old woman and she has an interesting story to tell.
Clarissa Dallimore moves to England just before the start of the Second World War. She wants to get to know her grandparents. She spent most of her childhood in America and is ready for a change. She feels right at home, living in a countryside village with people she loves. It's a terrible time and in just a few years many things will happen that will change her forever. Lizzie often forgets where she is and what she's doing because Mrs Dallimore is such a good story teller and they form a close friendship. They have many things in common and they have a lot to offer each other while they're both going through a difficult time...
Song of the Skylark is a fascinating and moving story about a beautiful friendship between a young woman and an old lady. It's set in the past and the future and the two stories are both amazing. I loved both Lizzie and Clarissa. They know what it is to attract bad luck, but life also offers them many opportunities. There are highs and lows. Clarissa has lived a difficult life, but she's very strong. She's a truly remarkable woman and I greatly admired her. I love it when a main character impresses me that much. Lizzie is sweet and gentle. She doesn't always make the right choices, but she has a big heart and she has so much love to give. That's also how she approaches her new friendship, with her whole heart. 
Song of the Skylark is special. It's a unique story about all kinds of relationships. What they have in common is a huge amount of love. It's such a wonderful, touching topic. There's a lot of sadness, but there's also plenty of hope. The number of different emotions and numerous deep layers are making the story complete. This novel really surprised me, it's original and so well written. I know exactly how it feels to have a deep connection with a special old lady and I recognized a lot in the story. It's pure and real. I fell head over heels in love with this fantastic heartwarming novel.