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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Somewhere Out There by Amy Hatvany

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Review by Suze
Jennifer loves her two girls more than anything in the world. She's really young and she doesn't have a place to stay. They're living in her car most of the time and food is scarce. When one night things go very wrong she has to make the most difficult decision in her life, one that will have grave consequences.
Natalie has her own business. She's baking for a living and she loves what she does. She has a close relationship with her parents. She knows she's adopted, but her mother doesn't want to talk about it because it makes her nervous and unsettled. When her daughter has to do a family tree project for school Natalie decides it's time to think about her own feelings for a change and to get some answers.
Brooke has been raised by the state. When she was a child she lived in a home most of the time and they never managed to find a good foster family for her. Now she's about to become a mother herself which is scary. She's on her own, but she's determined to be there for her child. Unlike her own mother who made a mess of things.
One defining moment changed the lives of three people. How are they dealing with the past and in what way does it influence the present? Is there a way to heal, to make things better?
Somewhere Out There is a moving story about bonding, loss and strength. Natalie has a loving family of her own. Her adoptive parents adore her and she passes on that love to her husband and children. Something is missing though. She wants to know who she is exactly. It's easy for the reader to understand her feelings. She's kind, likable and cozy. Brooke is a bit more reserved, but she's incredibly strong and determined. I admired her courage. Jennifer's story brought tears to my eyes. Life can be cruel sometimes and Amy Hatvany writes about it with compassion and care. I loved that the most about this book. 
Somewhere Out There is an impressive emotional novel. I liked the author's choice of three points of view. That the reader is able to see things from the perspective of Jennifer, Natalie and Brooke suits the story very well. Each narrator is equally strong, which makes the story balanced and believable. There are some heartbreaking scenes in this book that will stay with me for a very long time. Amy Hatvany tells her story in a beautiful, sensitive way. She's a great writer and her sentences have an easy flow. I didn't want to stop reading and loved the book from beginning to end. Somewhere Out There is such a fantastic, sad and hopeful story. It touched my heart in many different ways.

1 comment:

  1. Gosh, what a tough storyline! It sounds like Somewhere Out There really deals with some heavy issues.