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Monday, March 21, 2016

Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder

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Review by Suze
Mick, Trevor and Elaine own a restaurant together. Trevor is the executive chef and Elaine the pastry chef. Unfortunately they don't get along. The atmosphere in the kitchen is horrible, so Mick comes up with a plan to fix that. He makes them go to a romantic cabin in the snow. They don't know that they will be there together. The weather is on Mick's side and Elaine and Trevor don't have a choice but to spend several days together. Will Mick's plan work and does their anger eventually turn into something else?
Snowbound Seduction is a fun and romantic novella about two people who initially aren't nice to one another at all. Trevor and Elaine both have their reasons. While being in the cabin together they have to get to know each other better. I liked that idea and they definitely have the right kind of chemistry. They're passionate people, in the kitchen and in other areas of their life as well. I liked the descriptions of their favorite foods and loved how they initally try to express their feelings through cooking. These things together are the perfect ingredients for a hot story.
Snowbound Seduction is a short and easy read, it has a good flow. It's a story to read in one sitting while you have an hour to spare. The telephone calls with Mick are a funny element and they made me smile. He's a main character who's very present while he isn't at the scene. Melissa Schroeder has thought of every little detail and she makes sure the reader gets to know her main characters well even though the story isn't very long. If you're looking for a great winter read, try this novella. It's amusing, sweet and sexy.


  1. I absolutely love the hate-to-love trope in couples, and it sounds like this novella fits the bill perfectly! And I also really like it when characters have passions, so the fact that both of these characters express themselves through their food and cooking sounds awesome. I think it always makes a character more relatable, because most people at least have one thing they are passionate about.

    I think I will have to pick this one up when winter rolls around. :) Lovely review, Suze!

  2. I just nominated you for my three days, three quotes challenge ;-)

  3. I love a snowed-in scenario!